I don’t Stand For National Anthems 

I saw a meme floating around on Facebook of a man sitting down for the American national anthem. People weren’t happy as many less able bodied than himself stood up for it. 

I understand the importance of honouring those who sacrificed their lives to defend us against a malignant force. 

What puzzles me is Patrotism. I’ve never understood why anyone would become angry at another for not standing up to a song or bowing down before a flag when it passes. 

As humans we always seem to crave this sense of identity and so we create things in life to keep us from going over the edge. I want to exclude Jews and Christians because this is an identity given by God and not created by man. 

When I read the messages of Jesus to Vassula Ryden, I’m struck by how often Jesus uses Cain and Abel in reference to the man of the world and that of the church. 

I’ve almost always looked at everything through this lens from then on. 

For centuries Cain has created for himself identities, flags, armies and empires that have always either died out or transformed itself into another whilst the identity of the Judeo Christian always remains. 

When an American child stands in the morning to sing the national anthem, in my opinion he’s saluting mans ideology. What’s worse is that many all over the world will fight and die for this ideology. They will become upset and bar fights occur and someone loses a few teeth as a result of someone’s identity and flag being insulted. 

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy culture and indulge in a sense of cultural identity but I wouldn’t die for it or kill anyone for insulting it and certainly wouldn’t stand and salute a flag a bunch of lads hundreds of years ago created. I’d die to defend not the country but the people of that country against malignant forces. 

To me a die hard patriot reflect a person who has been brainwashed from birth and is a suffering example of all that is wrong with the world today. It’s a mental illness is what it is. 

I’m a southern Irish man who lives on the border with Northern Ireland. Once an IRA terrorist was taken captive by British loyalist, hood put over his head and bundled into a van. The Loyalists asked the man if he’d any last requests. Sure enough the man asked if he could see the Irish republic one more time. They took him to the border, threw off his hood and showed him the fields of the Irish republic. 

The man wept uncontrollably ” My beautiful Ireland how I love you, how I’ll miss you”. After a few minutes of this one of the British loyalists said ” whoops, Irish border is not for another 20 mins and we are still in the United Kingdom. ”

What did that Irish man see? Ireland? No!! Of course not. He saw what he was trained and brainwashed to see from a young age. The mystic on a path to God however does not see a malignant force, flags, ideologies or borders. He views everything through the lens of God, through it. He understand s he owns nothing and all is from God and goes back to God. 

He is without anxiety and whilst he enjoys his cultural identity is not attached to it leaving him more free than those who who get up every morning to salute a flag in a land of the supposedly free and brave. 

The slightest insult and they’re up in arms, blood pressure raised, anxious to reign terror on anyone who dares cross the line.

Patriots are not free, they’re slaves to their own emotions and an ideology founded by Cain. The free man sees it for what it is whilst the caged human farmed by the worlds rich elite doesn’t. 

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One thought on “I don’t Stand For National Anthems 

  1. Spoken like a man who does not see this world as his home. 🙂

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