We Look To Famous People For The Answers

In ancient times it was the Greek Philsophers who people looked up to and were inspired by. Today Philsophers still exist it’s just the theatrical stage and means of transmitting the message has changed. 

Today people view celebs, actors, comedians and musicians as gods and Philsophers. The agony aunts for their lives and how they live their lives are all pinned up there in their teenage walls. 

We become what we love and so if we love a particular celeb or singer we do everything we can to imitate that person in physical and psychological appearance. 

I remember when I loved John Lennon. I’d wear glasses like him, walked like him, tried to sing like him and write songs like him. Pictures all over my wall of him. I’d listen to John Lennon all day. 

Millions of people are looking to claim their identity all over the world. They’re looking in all the wrong places. We live in a world where we take advice from some drug infested rock star than the Gospel. 

People are hungry to find themselves but we spend so much time worshipping other people and their lives as well as ideologies and personality traits, that we never discover who it is we are. 

We are like a blindfolded man roaming around the house bumping into things, feeling our way as we go. That’s how we live in the world. 

Life is a constant experience of mistakes and bad experiences because we have a blindfold on from an early age. It takes the Grace of God to alleviate this lack of vision but he won’t remove the blindfold until we become sick of it and ask him to remove it. 

In this world of darkness by which we are separated from God through ignorance and no fault of our own, the devil spins us around and around and pushes us in this and that direction. 

Do you remember that birthday party where there was always one kid who would giggle with mischievous delight when you had the blind fold on? He was so excited because he knew that in the dark you were vulnerable and weak, powerless. That’s a perfect image of the devil right there. 

He knows that for as long as we remain in the dark, we are weak and easy to play with. 

In this darkness we hear whispers. I like to call these whispers the philosophical musings of artists and celebs and they push us to believe in one thing over another. 

These voices are so seductive and trustworthy because they are reinforced by the democratic society of ignorant blindfolded people around you. You have thus the blind leading the blind. A herd society who believes truth is something the majority must vote on for it to have any kind of affirmation in the world. 

We worship each other and we have a desire to imitate and please each other. It is not until we forfeit the game of blind mans bluff, and listen to the reasonable voice of the Holy Spirit will we ever be healed. 

But here’s the problem, how do you heal a person who doesn’t believe himself to be sick in the first place? How do you talk to someone like that? How do you talk to a blind man who claims he can see and is doing ok? Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees because they boasted they could see when in fact they lived in darkness. 

So the first step to to healing is to realise we don’t want to be healed. We’d rather keep the blindfold on, drink be merry and worship each other, praising each other for our good works and forget about God. 

This blindfold could be atheism, secularism, paganism even Christians like to walk around with this blindfold on. Often us Christians ( and I’m the biggest culprit for this ) want to just dip our toes into the church but we never get healed. We want to drink and enjoy the secular lures of pleasure as well. 

The reason we are afraid to take off the blindfold we’ve been wearing since birth, is not because we are afraid of the Unknown ( you can’t fear what you don’t know ) but afraid to lose sight of what we already know. A cure is painful because it requires we lose all our pleasures that we’ve become accustomed to over the years and become new creatures. We are like a pig rolling in the mud who shrieks at the sight of a watering hose. 

So….I took the blindfold off to write this post. Please excuse me whilst I put it back on again. 

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