You Don’t Beleive In God But You’ll Beleive In Anything Else. 

The will is a strong thing and the human soul is made up of both the will and the intellect. Although the will and intellect are there, they are however separate to each other. 

An example of this is demonstrated in the fact that a police man “knows” (intellect) how to break into a house but he chooses ( will ) not to. 

People know God exists but they’re will is strong and they be so stubbornly against him that they will Beleive anything else even when the evidence or research is limited. 

In other words they will Beleive in bad science. People don’t even research a scientists program on television and they just accept now what someone in a white coat on the history channel has to say. 

Science is good but it no longer bases itself on visible evidence. That kind of science just isn’t entertaining and doesn’t quite make the money anymore. 

Therefore what is now generating the revenue is philosophy disguised as science. I call it scientific philosophy because it doesn’t base itself on evidence. 

Do aliens exist? What exactly happened at the beginning of the universe? None of them where actually there at the beginning of the universe but they will give you apparent limited research that demonstrates they “could ” or “might” be right.

Anyway the gist of this post is to show that if you’re puzzled why people put their faith in MR.Harry know it all being interviewed on History channel, it is because they’re hatred for God is so strong that they will Beleive in anything else but God. 

As a result people seek out and will Beleive in anything that aligns with their unholy secular lifestyle. They don’t care that it’s not evidence based, so long as it shows contempt for the Catholic Church and all things religious they will accept it. 

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