Personality of the Poor Verses That of social climbers. 

Today I went into a wealthy neighbourhood to sell broadband. When I say wealthy I really mean the  €35- €70k crowd. 

I suppose it’s equivalent could be Beverly Hills in America. The streets were so clean, people dressed nice and their houses were also clean and beautiful. 

All this cleanliness could never have prepared me for the dirty attitudes and behaviour I was to come up against at the door. I couldn’t understand it at all. It reminded me of what Jesus said to the Pharisees about them cleaning outside the bowl, walking around all dressed up and clean when inside they were all dirty. 

People with money who are comfortable in life are a difficult sale also. The sales pitch differs because I know they don’t care about the price or the bottom line but whether or not it’s a better service. You would think rich people like to be stingy and save their money but I’ve found most of them don’t care especially when there isn’t much difference in price. 

It all reached a pinnacle when I met my last angry guy at the door and I just thought to myself, I’ve had enough of these social climbers. It was at that moment I decided to go to an estate where no sales man would ever have the balls to go and they say any sales man whoever did never came out with the tyres still on his van. 

I drove into this place and it was dirty. Stray dogs filled the streets and heaps of rubbish burned in the fields. I was greeted with boarded up houses and burned out cars. 

Bedding and insulation blew all over the road as I made my way through gangs of boys and girls who looked at me as if I was in my van cruising for a bruising. 

When I got out of the van nothing could have prepared me for the love and warmth at which I was greeted with at the door of each person. This was also at a time when many are putting their kids to bed. Were they in the slightest bit upset at me? Even one person ? NO! I was greeted by the poorest, and welcomed into their homes. 

In rich areas, not only will they be super annoyed you called when they’re having dinner or putting the kids to bed, they even have signs on their doors that read “no cold callers” and “don’t knock after 6:30pm putting kids to bed”. 

One poor family invited me into their home. They pushed over a heap of newspapers to let me sit on their couch and offered me tea and cake. Rummaging through their living room in search of proof of address to get broadband, I had time to look around. 

On the mantle piece was a candle with St.John Paul II and St.Padre Pio. Rosaries were put around each. I saw St.JohnPaul II image stare and smile down at me. I could feel his presence. I could hear him saying “The Poor will always welcome you”. 

Here was people who lived in an unclean area, unclean house, poor clothes, no teeth, of poor health and no job yet they were the nicest, most loving people with a clean heart that you would ever meet. And the language from them was “fuck this ” and “fuck that”.  Now I know what our Lord meant when he scolded the Pharisees that thieves and harlots were getting into heaven before them.  

I could hear our Lord say “these are the people who get into heaven before many. ” 

It was so refreshing, men waved at me and said hello as they came home from work. You just don’t get that in social climbing neighbourhoods where people are so cold you’d need a warm coat just to take off the chill. 

Is there a difference between rich and poor as far as personalities are concerned? Yes there is. The former will always be assholes and the latter prioritised and embraced by Christ. 

Jesus wasn’t messing around when he said it was very hard for a rich man to get into Heaven that’s for sure and I’ve learned that today. They need our prayers. 

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