My Sore Feet And St.Theresa Of Kolkata

This morning I awoke with really sore feet yet I was just hours a away from doing another job which requires I stand all day for 6 hours. 

Each step I took I could feel the pain shoot up my leg and even when I sat down or lay down didn’t matter. My muscles ached even when they had a rest. 

Suddenly I thought of St.Theresa of Kolkata and how she had really sore feet and walked the streets helping the poor all day and yet here I was, young man like me, complaining about mine. 

I thought it strange how all day I’d sore feet on the day the woman who suffered severe pain from walking and standing  all day herself was made a Saint. 

Perhaps St.Theresa obtained this gift of suffering for me? Considering the weight of my sins it is possible her prayers obtained this for me as a way to help me return to God. 

Many critics of St.Theresa like to come down heavy on her for her glorification of suffering. The reason they do so is because the world doesn’t quite understand suffering because it doesn’t understand the Cross which is why it hates that which it doesn’t understand. 

Saint Theresa doesn’t wish any suffering upon anyone but she understood rather, that suffering is useful in as much as whilst its present we can put it to good spiritual use. 

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eliminate suffering but we should elminate our perception that suffering can be eradicated from the world. To make any attempt to do so would be like using a Hoover bag with a hole in it or throwing a bucket of paint at the blue sky to change its colour. 

Nobody likes suffering, even Christ himself asked his father to spare him the Cross. However there is some suffering we cannot avoid and St.Theresa of Kolkata was just teaching us how to transform the unavoidable suffering into something beautiful that saved souls in this world and the other as well as our own. 

People without faith will never understand it but to those who do it is rewarding. 

I myself who have little faith am still trying to come to terms with suffering and bear all the hallmarks of an ordinary decent complainer. The world and I need Saints like Theresa of Kolkata to help us realise that suffering, whilst it is present in the body is more valuable than gold when offered to God for our sins and the sins of the whole world. 

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