I’m Better Off On Social Welfare. 

Before I took my job I was getting €392.48 on social welfare. Now my pay check a week is €430.00 after taxes. I’m getting just €40 extra. If I took a jobs bridge course I’d be getting more. 

It gets worse. On social welfare I got a full medical card and did not have to pay for GP visits, hospital visits, treatment, X Ray’s you name it it was all free. 

Now recently I had to submit my recent pay check for examination to the HSE for my whole family to receive medical cards. What did we get back? Because my wife has had cancer she retains her full medical card. However for me and my boys we only get doctor visits free. Hospital visits ( which cost a lot more than doctor visits and are €100 each visit whereas doctor is €40 ) are not free and neither is the medicine or any other treatment. 

I therefore am forced to get health insurance which costs me 83 for dental and hospital visits coverage. The €63 a month only covers me and the boys hospital visits and the €20 a month covers only me for dental. 

That’s €83.00 taken from €430.00 which leaves me €347.00

So really when I was getting €392.00 I was better off on the social welfare and got full coverage for healthcare. This country of mine is so upside down. Damned if you do get a job and damned if you don’t. 

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