The Abortion Debate And Democracy

In Ireland and the world over there’s this belief that “the will of the people shall be listened to” . A pro abortion commentator said that recently. 

You will also hear others repeating things like “Pro lifers are afraid of a referendum because they know we will win”. 

Lets begin with “the will of the people shall be listened to”. This statement is the result of moral relativistic philosophy currently pervading the atheistic western society. 

In simple terms it means that if 30 people are in a room and all are asked to vote that we should all for 24 hours eliminate  and relax every law in the country and 16 vote in favour, we are to….follow the  will of the majority. 

Does the thought of being on an island with people like that scare you? An island where nobody has studied medicine yet can decide to vote on a law based on personal opinion? Of course it would and on the island of ireland that’s who we live with. 

Democracy is not all that great. We’ve seen what happened Jesus when Pilate put it to the will of the people who should be released and Pilate expected them no doubt to make the right decision and vote Jesus but they didn’t, they picked barabbass instead.

In the crowd before and during the voting stirring up the people was the Pharisees. Those poor people, they really thought that they were voting when they were voting based on the brainwashing they’d received from the Pharisees and those viewed as more wise than they. They really thought they were exercising their democratic right. 

It is the same here in Ireland today. We have a very nasty type of brainwashing of the Irish people that has taken many many years to do because if evil were to come all at once, we would not be deceived, it must be introduced slowly. 

Like the Pharisees of Jesus time the media along with the politicians move among the people, stirring up their emotions and using every media outlet and avenue to dumb down a nation and slowly break their faith with the use of imagery, movies, songs, newspapers, opinion pieces and their favourite “polls”. 

When they’ve spent years stirring the people up they throw a referendum at them. If the people didn’t vote the way they wanted them too, they simply wait another 20 years before they throw another referendum at them. They continue this process whilst in between these years and whilst they wait, continue to use the media and political power to brainwash the people of Ireland. 

There are many favourite tactics of theirs but some of the ones at the top include Polls, opinion pieces and celebrities. You’d be amazed how much of an effect it has on people when you tell them “Majority thinks abortion should be available on the demand, it’s time to stop hurting women “. People see that and already they feel the majority are correct and begin to turn like zombies and follow the herd. 

Celebrities are the new age Philsophers. Media and political science love using them because die hard fans hang on their every word. 

The poor people of Ireland, like the crowd before Pilate,  they really think they’re being democratic when really they’re voting based on the brainwashing they received from those in power and control of what they should think. They dont know it but from the day they were born into this world they have been groomed by a dark sinister force to think and vote a certain way. 

So in the end, it’s not really the will of the people but the will of the powerful elite that is being exercised. 

A referendum on the 8th amendment is something I’m frightened of because I know that when it comes to crowds making decisions, history has always shown they’ve chosen barabbass over Jesus. 

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