Catching People Alive!!!

In the Gospel of Luke Jesus asks Peter to throw out his nets into the deep to catch fish. Peter obeys and the fish are so plentiful that the nets are breaking. 

Now Peter asks the Lord to depart from him because he’s a sinful man. Jesus finishes by telling Peter that you will be a fisher of men. 

In most gospels the translation used is “fisher of men” but the actual literal translation to English from the Greek is ” from now on, you will be catching people alive.” 

What happens when you catch a fish alive and bring it to the shore to be placed at the Lords feet? It dies, but it just doesn’t die quickly but slowly. 

What I see here is the church reaches into the depths of the world and pulls out all these unChristisn people, bring them to the Lords feet where they die to themselves. But dying to the self is a slow process not a quick one. 

What happens when a fish dies? It becomes useful as now we can eat it. 

Likewise when a soul dies to itself  it becomes useful to God and he feeds the world with his new self. 

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One thought on “Catching People Alive!!!

  1. Tim Haines has no theology at all.
    I read your post about him.

    I got blocked from watching his video because he did not like the things I was saying to all of the 7 people watching him. i.e. I was pointing out their false teaching,

    He just parrots what his Catholic so-called priests have told him.

    The whole program is juvenile like most catholic videos on Youtube.

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