The Modern Salesman


In recent weeks I was offered a new job going from residential door to door sales into business to business sales with more pay and perks.

It isn’t easy switching but I have to do it simply because the residential door to door sales, whilst enjoyable in its own right, nevertheless began to take its toll on me.

I wanted to expand my horizons and deal with clients on a professional level whilst maintaining my own bit of dignity so when I got the call with an offer to do business to business sales, I took it.

Speaking of dignity I suppose everyone has to start somewhere and whilst people view a sales job ( specifically door to door ) as the last resort for some because there are no jobs out there, it can be the beginning of a big career.

For example one of the biggest sales men on a global scale by the name of Brian Tracy did just that. Like myself he didn’t graduate from high school yet knocked doors in the morning and evening sometimes until 9pm at night.

From there he has now become a multi millionaire and he did it because there was no other job out there but a sales job at the time.


The work of a sales man has gained the stereotype of someone who is a good liar and manipulates people to get his sale and money.

Movies like the wolf of wall street and boiler room exemplify and sometimes endorse these stereotypes to the point where the real job of a salesman is no longer appreciated.

However, the wolf of wall street and the boiler room actually exemplify how sales doesn’t work. Whilst they all enjoyed their money in the short term, in the long term it always failed and they got caught.

Every business man knows that if you lie to your prospects then eventually it will come back to bite you in the ass.

When they find out you’ve tricked them it destroys not just your image but the companies image and that one person will take to social media and destroy you. Your whole business and its image will gradually just waste away into nothing.


Without salesmen the economy would collapse. If you don’t get out and sell your product or get someone to do it for you, that means there will be no business and no business means no jobs with benefits for any of us.

In modern sales there is no cheesy smile and one liners that get us in the door. Modern salesmen are people who develop long lasting relationships with their clients and solve problems. it’s as simple as that.

Thats right, we solve problems and if there isn’t a problem to solve and we can’t provide you a service then we simply move on to the next door, office or company until we meet a problem we can solve with our product.

Without this kind of a service everything would fall apart. Therefore the next time you knock door to door in some dimly lit and dangerous neighbourhood at night thinking of yourself as worthless, think again.


It takes a man with a lot of balls to walk up to some strangers driveway, knock on his door at an inconvienent time when he’s having dinner with his family only to pitch that product with confidence obtaining the sale right there and then.

Not only are you doing it once, but hundreds of times throughout the day, facing objection after objection only to come across two people out of those one hundred houses who will buy from you.

The midday sun is beating down on you, the winter chill and rain is cutting through your very soul yet you’re out there solving problems and bringing that product to peoples homes who otherwise would never have heard about it before now.

Take a bow because you’ve lasted this long and things can only get better because if you can sell a product in those conditions, you can sell anything anywhere.

My brother told me when he heard I wanted to leave and move jobs ”Stephen, I’m surprised you’ve even lasted this long, I never thought you could do that”. When he said that, it was at that point I realised how difficult this job is and how it is portrayed in modern society.

There was me thinking nothing of the job at all and thought it was easy yet it was only when he uttered those words did I begin to realise my worth.

Don’t get down about your job, look at the successful people who took that job just to have a job and are now multi millionaires and talented in every respect when it comes to developing relationships and getting that sale.

You’re not the big short so don’t sell yourself short convincing yourself to be some low life scum. You are a talented person with a God give gift to provide the world economy with a service that if they didn’t get it, would collapse like a house of cards.





















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