The Search For God Requires An Inquiring Mind

Unless we are actively looking for God we will never find him. Even though God himself says in scripture he came to those who were not seeking, such visitations are rare. 

In most cases our sudden search for God is a response to Gods Grace often obtained by the prayers of the Church. 

However, unless we are seeking, we won’t find. 

When I first decided I’d look into the whole religion, spiritual and God thing I began with Buddhism and Hinduism. I wanted to know more and so I bought as many books as one could handle upon the subject. 

I’d read the Tibetan Book of the dead. It was interesting even to this day. Stories of people’s reincarnations flooded the pages. 

I wasn’t overall interested in Christianity because it didn’t have that “other worldly” atmosphere about it. All it had was people whose lives didn’t challenge me to change mine. 

The Buddhist monks had a sort of athmosphere about them that was both challenging and out of this world. I really hated the world and I wanted a religion that offered some sort of release from it. 

It wasn’t until one night when I sat with my usual load of beer cans did I get my first ever glimpse of a Coptic orthodox monk. It was a bbc programme on an Anglican vicar who travelled the world to experience all the religions. This week he was in Eygpt with the Coptic orthodox monk. 

It was then I felt I saw the true Christianity in action. Then my mind began to wander into Christianity and so forth. 

The point I’m making is that I was a seeker. I didn’t seek God within the confines of this world of space and time. This is because I understood that he is uncreated and outside of time and space. We cannot put him under a scope. 

If we seek him in this manner then we will never find him. In fact I’d go as far as to say people who look for God in this way are not really looking for him at all. I call that kind of seeker the pretender. He’s not really seeking, just looking for an excuse to run away and hide from the honest hard work of seeking. 

The true honest seeker doesn’t just read books and listen to Holy men but actively picks up a prayer rope and tries the prayer for himself. Therefore the seeker isn’t just a bystander watching it all happen. Part of his search is in prayer because prayer calls on God to come out from behind the curtain. 

God is like a humble and shy child. Whenever a child encounters a new person it hides behind the leg of its mother smiling and nervous. It takes some time to build a relationship with the child before they will come out of hiding and play with you. 

It is the same with God but we must seek him in honesty. What prayer does is it teases God to come out and play with you, to respond to you. It is the most important tool of the search even if you’re a non believer. Most non believers reading this won’t pray but want to find God their own scientific way first. But that is the problem, they seek God on their own terms. How many of us would pick up a tooth pick to hammer in a nail? Not many. But with the right hammer we can get the job done. 

Prayer therefore is the best tool for searching. After all the books I read, praying was what got me there in the end. 

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