The Grumpy Monk 

In this world of work I’m involved in of selling products we often meet the unexpected when it comes to attitudes. You’re out there meeting people all day who you’d expect to be rough with you but turn out to be rather nice. 

I’m currently selling photocopiers and printers. Ive been experiencing a good success in my first two weeks due to my ability to offer the same product for cheaper. 

I decided to call out to a monastery I’ve been going to for a long time almost every week for years. I also spent some time living in it with the monks as I thought perhaps I may have a vocation. 

This time I was calling out as a sales man. I was driving past on my way home on thought I’d drop in. If anyone’s trying to cut costs it’s always the local parish priest or monastery. 

The receptionist explained to me that most of the monks I know are not there anymore and have gone to Norway. Then he told me but there is Brian. I will try to call him and see what he has to say about it. 

When he said Brian I thought to myself “oh no, not him that’s the grumpy middle aged one”. Before I go into it, I met Brian 8 years ago on live in vocation. When I first met him straight away I felt a bad spirit off him in his presence. 

I’m like that, I instinctively can feel a person out almost right away. I remember going to his cell one night and telling him how I greatly benefited from the true life in God books and I gave him one to read. 

The next morning at my dinner table and place where I sit, there was the book on my desk. He didn’t have the decency to come over and say “I looked at and thank you but I’m not interested “. 

From that day on I knew what kind of spirit I was dealing with. A grumpy and downcast one. 

So when the receptionist handed me his phone to speak with Brian I braced myself because I knew what was coming. 

I told him what was I do and how I’ve known the monks over the years. I told him there’s really no rush and I can always come back next week or something and have a chat with him. 

His response was “yeah? Well I’d rather you didn’t ” followed by an awkward silence I eventually broke. 

Now the only way to deal with a person currently under control of a grumpy demonic spirit is to be direct with the person it lingers around. Being direct and humble at the same time with the person will bring them out of their current stupor kinda like when you kick a tree hard enough an Apple will fall. 

So I said well look everything’s going fine for you now but you could be paying a lot on your lease and cost per page and I will cut your costs in half once you do find out. so when you’re ready to save yourself and the monastery some money and cut costs let me know. Until then I’ll leave me card with frank here and you can call me whenever you like. 

Then the apple dropped and he was knocked out of his stupor and suddenly became nicer and softer in tone saying he’d have to check with the book keeper. 

You see? The only way to deal with the demonic is the be direct but humble. It makes the demons take flight from the soul it possesses almost immediately and suddenly they’re awake now and ready to talk because God has given them the grace to realise they were being nasty. Why did he give them his grace? Because the demons took flight giving the Holy Spirit room to enter. For as long as a soul is possessed, it prevents the Holy Spirit from moving in. 

So there you have it, Brian hasn’t changed. He’s still grumpy as from the day I met him. However I have planted the seed with him that he was being an Ass so let’s hope and pray for a change. 

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