The Reason Why Your Friend Takes You Away From Christ

Do you remember the time you were in high school and you made a commitment for the new year to lose weight, get thin, only to have that one jealous fat friend who’d do anything to take you off the beaten track and quit?

Why…oh why would they do that? because according to them who lack the will to make that commitment, losing weight isn’t real and it can’t be achieved and in order for them to prove that point to themselves they begin with tempting you and bringing you down to their level.

It’s the same with Christianity. The reason why that one friend who suddenly hears you’ve taken the baby steps necessary to abandon your old heathen ways, will do anything to tear you down. They don’t believe that this whole Christianity thing of chastity and love is possible and so proceed with the plan to wear you down until you’re your old self again.

When you become a Christian, three things will occur with regards to your ”friends”. The one is they will abandon you because the new light in you reveals the evil in them and so they run for the hills because they feel terrible in your presence and can’t be their ”evil” selves around you.

The second that will take place is that they will challenge your new found love of Christianity and will lie in wait sometimes months, days and years waiting for you to return to the friend they once knew so dearly. They are doing this to prove to themselves that true love and humility isn’t possible, it isn’t real so the devil puts it in their minds to make war on this new found love of Christianity you have.

The third thing that will happen is after having exhausted all avenues of trying to get you to change back to your old ways, THEN they will finally abandon you simply because they’ve done everything in their power to bring you down. OR …your firm stance in your faith will have a profound effect on them and they themselves, seeing your unshakeable faith, will themselves convert and become renewed in Christ also.

To surmise the above, the friend who does his best to destroy your new love for Christ does so because he doesn’t believe real sacrificial love, chastity, humility and obedience can be achieved and so he uses you as his guinea pig to prove that point to himself as an excuse to carry on living in his sin.

Misery Loves Company!!!








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2 thoughts on “The Reason Why Your Friend Takes You Away From Christ

  1. Man I wish it were just “that one friend”. When half your family is vehemently against Christianity and the other half thinking it is inconvenient or at best, indifferent to it; that makes a person seriously question whether faith in God is worth it.

    • Tell me about it, my brother had four police men sent out to the house who took me to the station and a psychiatrist called out to assess me who later on in the night decided they wanted to assess my brother instead. haha. Yeah I’ve been there but faith in God is definitely worth it and we realise that from the Grace we get now and the eternal life to come.

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