I Got Fired Today



This morning I got fired. My crime? I was caught by my boss having a job interview with one of his competitors who had called me up and asked to meet me to see if he could give me a better package.

So…like all job interviews a few white lies were told to attend the meeting. To make matters even more comical, the boss was sitting right behind us and heard every word. I’d told him I was going to some meeting with social services about homeschooling but what he heard was nothing of the sort.

I remember praying the rosary the night before and had a strong nudging on my conscience to change the meeting from the location that was set. I somehow had a premonition this was going to occur. I ignored that feeling and so this is what I get for more my ignorance.

That day I had the meeting, the boss could not resist and had to send me a text after the meeting asking me to ”meet him at X ( the place I was being interviewed ) after my ”homeschooling” meeting so he can ”go over my CV”.

I thought to myself ”This is the Holy Spirit giving me time to prepare myself for what was to come the next morning and so this time I listened and I prepared by wiping my work phone clean of my kids pictures and whatever other information was on it regarding conversations with potential employers.

This morning we had the meeting at which they expressed their disappointment and then they followed me around to my house and in front of my wife and kids took whatever information belonged to the company from the house. I handed over the keys to the company vehicle and that was that.

If all this seems so gloomy, not necessarily so because the people who interviewed me will be calling me in a few days with an offer of more money than I was on.

I’m a man on a mission and that is to provide for my family and pay for my sons tuition. I couldn’t achieve this with the wage I was on. Sometimes as Christians, we have to fabricate a story in order to move on to the next level.

They talked to me about Loyalty but what they don’t know is that a mans loyalty is always to God first and then his family.

I was about to end the article here but I was reminded of something. My grandfather was a British soldier in world war II. He was an Irish man from Limerick whose father died when he was a teen. His mother married again and he was a cruel stepfather and so my father fled and took refuge in the local Benedictine Monastery at the time.

He left that monastery and entered into the Irish army. He then deserted the Irish army to join the British one and entered into a cruel war from the beginning to the end. Why, you might ask, did he do this? Because his loyalty was not to any flag and nation. His loyalty was to God and his family.

He came home and he was treated as a traitor and was arrested by Grandfather on my mothers side. Now if that is not a comical outcome what else is eh?

My grandfather taught me a lesson that this desire to fight for God and family to the bitter end is whats important and it runs in the blood. In this fight to make sure our kids become the next Catholic generation, we’re going to accumulate bruises along the way. Nobody ever goes into a fight without coming back bearing no scratch and dare I say it is these bruises and marks on our body is what shapes our character not our successes.

I know without my grandfather, I wouldn’t be here today and I wouldn’t have the Catholic family I do. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to carry on his legacy and keep Catholicism running in the blood of the Mc Elligotts so I’m going to hold my head high, button up my shirt, straighten my tie and go out and get ANOTHER JOB YEAHHHH!!!!!!!

God bless






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