Christian Conversion Stories

I began this website recently. It’s still in it’s formation and is literally a week or so live on the internet. Therefore teething problems are still being hammered out here and there.

Finding people who want to tell their conversion story is also proving difficult but it’s a only a week old so I need to give myself a chance to grow this and I’d say it will take a lot of hard work. I’m looking at least a five year period before it begins to experience any growth.

I created it because I was so tired of conversion stories on the EWTN journey home show. I found the show to be just totally focused on protestant conversion stories. They were always well groomed middle class people with a clean drivers licence.

The show just seemed like a gathering of intellectuals talking about their intellectual conversions to the faith. What, you may ask is an intellectual conversion? It’s one where you’re a protestant and all of a sudden read the early church fathers talk about the early church and all of a sudden you’re catholic now.

Watching the Marcus Grodi show, I knew he was doing something special and I don’t want to criticize his work but I just felt uninspired.

I felt uninspired because my own conversion from a life of drugs, sex and alcohol abuse was one of the soul and one I’m still living out daily.

Where are all the not so nice folk. the atheist, the ex prostitute, the ex porn star the ex drug addict and so on. I’m sure he’s managed to pick up some of these people somewhere along the way in his show I don’t know because I’ve stopped watching it over 4 years ago.

However his show just had too many ex protestants for my liking and the people he interviewed always seemed like they were handpicked for the excellent background and I just couldn’t handle it.

Therefore I’ve always wanted to develop a website that really gave a platform to everyone but especially the ex-con, atheist and prostitute. Even worse than this I’m looking for the hardened prisoner who raped and killed but turned his life around.

These are often the stories that show us what true conversion looks like. Conversion found via a relationship with God and not simply checking your local library to see what the Church fathers had to say or the local Catholic apologist.

Conversion is much much more than this. These things may play a part and God uses many tools but they’re usually not the focus which unfortunately is what the Journey home by Marcus Grodi seems to be about.

I hope you enjoy this website and if you have your own story please do tell us about it.



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