Dear Catholic Evangelists Stop Preaching To The Choir


I’ve watched a lot of ultra/alternative right wing Catholic speakers on the internet create their blogs, websites and chat shows, all of it with the great intention of providing something for existing Catholics including their primary role which is to bring people either back to the church or new converts.

I had this discussion with my wife today that I have a great distaste for sitting amidst groups of Catholics and having a nice coffee and chit chat about the faith. It can be edifying and I’m not going to totally knock it but I’ve often very little to talk about.

I really don’t see the point in creating some group or talk show ( other than one where we meet for coffee and prayer and come together to worship ) in which we just talk theology. Human interaction is extremely important and the apostles all recommend it but do we have a tendency to remain their, and use it as a comfort zone? I’m suddenly thinking here of the apostles on the hill with Jesus at the transfiguration. It was so beautiful they just wanted to stay there and not head back down that mountain only to return to the hard work that was ahead of them.

The great thing here is that we are not alone. The apostles also chose to remain on the mountain where they stood and desired to pitch up their tent and develop a comfort zone. We are human and evangelisation isn’t easy.

I hate to knock Michael Voris having read what he’s been through and his conversion story. There’s no doubt he’s created some enemies of the clerical type but look at his audience. His audience is Catholics and that’s it. He’s so great though and almost always right on the money about a lot of things and I still listen to him here nor there. I’m always however conscience of his audience and following and this disturbs me because I get a sense he’s just preaching to the choir.

Jesus said it himself about people praising us and to be aware of this. Being aware of this gives us the ability to sit back and see if we’re going in the right direction or not. Often what I’ve done even with this blog, is to sat back and think ”who is my audience?”.

I prefer the evangelical techniques of those Catholics who reach deep inside the dark caverns of secular existence. Into the dark places of the web such as facebook or the local liberal coffee house and go in with a good discussion about religion and cause an absolute riot.

Like the angels who ventured into Sodom and Gomorrah under disguise, we too are called to put on a disguise and go into these places.

Whilst the angels went into rescue just one good man and his family, today the story has changed and we are called to rescue as many as we can. Keep in mind however, we are not going to be able to help everyone, but we’ll at least make a difference to the few we’ve managed to plant the seed with.

What does it mean to disguise oneself? This is a whole new blog post on its own but it simply means to behave with their temperance. I’ve seen so many Catholics walk into the pit of lions and get torn apart because they don’t know how to adjust themselves and often enter into a discussion with a sledge hammer for what is the mere breaking of sand.

I’m talking about entertaining someones angle of arguing the churches homosexuality for reasons not to come back to the church. There are techniques I use that I find help bring people in slowly and help you keep control of a conversation.

Other disguises are to simply look for the new modern fashion trend and dress that way. Dress how they dress as there are some Catholics out there who like to live in the 1800’s and sad to say they just look odd and weird to the outsider. You have to be clever with the world and whilst you’re living in the 19th century, the devil has you where he needs you and is using every modern tool necessary to pull Catholics away from their faith. You know ….there’s so much more I could say on this subject but I’ll leave that for another time and don’t want to digress.

In my opinion, true evangelism isn’t pretty and you’re never going to go into any fight and not come back with scars to prove it. True evangelism doesn’t seek a comfortable audience, like Saint Paul it goes openly into the groups of heathens and takes an absolute beating, gets thrown out of town, gets back up, cracks its knuckles and walks back into town for a second beating. It goes looking for insults and to be torn apart by an angry mob.

This is why I used this image from the current popular movie ”John Wick 2”. Even though my post has little to do with the movie. I went to see this movie last night and when I saw the image I immediately got an image of ”The Modern Jesus”.

So maybe you should examine yourself and ask yourself the question . . . ”What scars do I have? ” and ”Who is my audience?” not to mention ”Who are my friends?”

”Blessed are you when people hate you,

when they exclude you and insult you

and reject your name as evil,

because of the Son of Man.” Luke 6:22

”Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,

for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.” Luke : 6:26




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