Expose Your Children To Beautiful Music

As a Musician, I understand music as a language. Whether it is accompanied by words or not, all music speaks to the heart and soul of each individual.

Let’s be honest you can often get a grasp of the personality and character of a person just by sifting through their record collection alone. Now I bet all my friends (which aren’t too many as after all I am Christian) are throwing a curtain over their music collection as they read this.

Modern music I think we’d all agree has taken a nose dive in terms of quality. Often we are viewed as regressive simply because we want to revisit a more classical era. The modern mind is unable to appreciate something as always present and timeless, such a shame.


Children (especially those in their formative years from the moment of conception until they’re about 8 years old) need to hear beautiful music because it’s going to contribute to their character and relationship with God and others later in life.

In the days prior to Vatican II ( note: I am not anti Vatican II ) the Liturgy was sung. Music dominated the Liturgy and in my own Ukrainian Greek Catholic Rite, it still does.

The Church has always understood that music and a relationship with Christ is synonymous and necessary to our growth in the Spirit.

Now, however it’s all been taken from us and replaced with the banal.

When we expose children to what is beautiful and intelligent, they grow to be beautiful and intelligent. Achieving this goal is not possible without first examining our own taste of music and personality.

There are two quotes here that come to mind one even being the title of a book. One is by a renowned spiritual elder of the Orthodox Church ”Elder Thaddeus”.

He simply says ”Our Thoughts determine our lives”.

Another is by St.John Paul II who said ”Show me what a man loves and I’ll show you who he is.”

How we think and what we love will determine not only who we presently are and where we stand in relationship to the Divine, but our salvation and eternal outcome.

Many things in life will lead us away from the narrow path of achieving this much needed outcome and it’s not like music is the only stumbling block. I just view it as a big pillar in today’s world.

Alongside the Film, media industry and unintelligent entertainment on the television, music is the devils favorite tool to manipulate the souls of many. The music we hear today not just on our radios but even the evangelical music is a mockery of the real thing.

For every truth the devil has something that seems to mimic and mock what’s real but such fake music has no lasting effect on the soul and this is how you discern between the spirit of goodness and badness. The good brings peace and is eternal whilst the opposite dissipates and eventually shows it’s true self through time.

Popular music dominating the charts at present is deprived of the essence of God even though within it we hear the cry of humans craving for something better. In the philosophy of popular music we hear the modern humans desire for something greater than themselves and the music they develop.

We don’t want our children reaching that stage because getting someone back from it can be very difficult. It’s important we ourselves form good habits that we may pass that on to our children.

Exposition of your children to beautiful music is the best investment into your children’s future interactions with the world, believe me. You’ll be glad you took my advice.









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