I Had To Go To School To Learn How To Be A Crook

When I was at the homeschooling conference I heard Laura Berquist speak about the ”us vs them” mentality that is created in schools.

Immediately I was taken back to an experience I had of this when I was 14 years old. The priest at the time took us all on a retreat.

We were given a sheet of paper in which we had to write a list of the people in our lives whom we trusted.

Everyone had written ”my mom, my dad, my neighbour Lucy” etc etc . When it came around to collecting my piece of paper, to the priests surprise, it was as blank as when he gave it to me.

He simply asked why it was blank. My response was ”I don’t trust anyone.”

Everyone became indignant with me and the priest interjected and commented that ”Surely you must trust someone, like you would trust the doctor to put a needle in your arm”.

Holding my self together I said no, when the doctor puts the needle in my arm I’m taking a risk there’s no trust involved.

Whatever you may think about the idea of trusting nobody, instead of being in a situation in which everyone was respectful of an alternative view, I became the ”outsider”, the ”weird” person who didn’t follow the usual protocol of the brainwashed children of the secular age.

This is just a small reason as to why public schools are poisonous to our children’s spiritual growth.

Have you ever heard Andy Dufrane in the popular movie titled shawshank redemption? He says to Morgan Freeman, ”It’s funny, outside I was innocent, I had to come to prison to learn how to be a crook”.

Well, I feel the same way about school. In school you’ve got a herd mentality of the popular trash tv popular age in which only one opinion goes, and that’s the one pushed by those in the ivory towers of MTV and soap operas.

In this melting pot of children from different backgrounds who grew up with parents who have completely different background, morals and ideals than yourself, you’re kids are susceptible to catching that cold, that virus.

I’ll give you a very minor example. I had a kid whom I allowed in the house, same as my three year old Joseph. Lovely little kid and they played together. All of a sudden as the kid becomes frustrated with the puzzle he begins to reptetively shout ”Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it ahhhh fuccckkkkkk itttt. ”

To this day I find it hard to stop Joseph from doing the same when he becomes frustrated or angry.

Before he was exposed to this behaviour he was innocent. It’s the same when we send them to school. The prospect of our children becoming secular remain extremely high. It’s a dangerous place to put them and at the minute it’s the last place on earth I’ll ever send mine.

Before they go to school they’re innocent, but as soon as you put them in there, thats where they learn to be a ”crook”. That’s where they learn the ways of secularism.

Don’t get me wrong, the schools of long ago did a great job, not a perfect one, but better than they do today. However the times call now for us to home school because the Irish Catholic ( only in name ) public schools have been compromised by the secular government.

I don’t like giving advice because I’m in no position to really but do yourself a favour. If you really want your children to grow in the faith and be a light in this dark world when they’re older, take them out of that pit of infested snakes they call an ”Irish Catholic” school.




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