Never Test The Spirit’s With A New Convert/Revert

You should never test the spirits with a newbie. I’ve seen people do it and it drives me nuts. Sometimes I wonder if the people doing it are nuts themselves.

If there’s one thing your always guranteed in a prayer group or any Christian gathering is a few mentally unstable rigid Catholics . It’s usually why I avoid them because I’ve just no patience for it.

Anyway, when a new person comes in there’s no need to test the spirits. All you have to do is listen to them. It’s only when you have prior knowledge of someone claiming an apparition or some sort of private revelation would you decide to dig a little deeper.

But listening to them first and letting them have a little ramble is much better I think. I’m no master at the discernment of spirits but it’s definitely a grace I pray for because I think it’s the most important gift one can be blessed with if you can get it and God knows I don’t pray enough for it.

If you test the spirits with a newbie or an oldie whose never progressed from stage one and moved beyond a few rosaries, you could do them more damage than good.

Peoples gifts of possessing God given aptitudes and graces to test the spirits often get hijacked by the devil and they become self inflated and although they still possess the gift ( God never takes back what he has given ) they have actually separated themselves from Christ with their behaviour.

Therefore if you have a new person to the faith whose either just a fresh fish out of the water or is experiencing an ”Epiphany” help them through it. Help them because this is a time when the devil will be working hard not just to dissuade them but to use you as his tool to discourage them from ever coming back to another bible study or Mass ever again.

When you pickup a new born baby you’re very careful about you handle that baby. You take so much care in creating comfort and a suitable place for it in your arms. If you do this with a baby why not with a new born Catholic revert or convert from somewhere else?

Be careful about how you approach people and don’t be going in with a sledge hammer for what is the mere breaking of sand. There’s nothing worse than a rigid Catholic who goes around policing everyone and everything. Don’t allow yourself to be that person.


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