I Want To Delete My Blog ”The Domestic Monk”

Wherever the inspiration may come from I’m contemplating deleting this blog. I don’t see how it helps me or anyone reading it. I feel that my posts have most likely done more spiritual harm than any good. Not only spiritual harm to others but perhaps myself included.

I often think that I made a big mistake by taking to the internet and that somehow, because I’m weak willed and unable to keep control over my usage, have made things worse for myself.

I was a lot happier without. My times during prayer and going to daily or weekly mass and confession were a lot more joyous than the arguments I became involved in on the internet. I did it to improve my knowledge of the faith but soon, I ended up paying it more attention than my prayer and not long after became victim to the intellectual trap the devil sets up to take you away from what’s important.

Facebook was great too. I’ve met many people but it’s a platform I feel I’ve no control over. There’s too much communication and information afforded me that I cannot digest it quick enough and move on.

I think its socially an unhealthy platform more than it helps. I’d like to get rid of it but it remains to be a platform I use to spread info on the faith but often wonder if what I’m doing is even remotely useful to anyone.

Instead of shouting ”Lord Lord” I want to live what it is he says and climb back into the hole of solitude I once had. Facebook is like opening the door to everyone and because I can’t keep my mouth shut on it I’m probably better off without it.

This is why I think I’m better off giving this blog up followed by facebook.

Back to my daily self, prayer and mass and forget this whole world of info on Catholic internet and bad mouthing pope francis and the church this and sspx that. I was much happier visiting medjugorje and having my own little spirituality of practicing the sacraments every day and reading my true life in God messages.

Forget virtual reality. Its back to ”REALITY” for me. I’m sorry if I’ve ever caused anyone any harm with my self styled advice on here.

God bless


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2 thoughts on “I Want To Delete My Blog ”The Domestic Monk”

  1. I think it’s always helpful to growing Christians to hear a brother/sister in Christ pour forth all their knowledge and messes and ecstasies and doubts and all the rest, giving it to God. We don’t need more theologically astute but soulless blogs preaching from pedestals. But I agree, prayer and that deep personal relationship with God should come before any relationships formed online, even if they are meant to be a testament to faith. Be well and God bless, brother, no matter what God leads you to do.

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