Should Roman Catholic Married Men Be Ordained To Priesthood?

Ok so it’s a discipline put in place by Pope Gregory in the 4th century and we can scrap this tomorrow.

There’s so many pros and cons I don’t want to go down the same angle as many already have over the years so here is a different one.

What if, by implementing this discipline the Holy Spirit who knows what’s around the corner in 2017 and how sexually depraved the west would become, decided to develop a celibate west.

With the sexual depravity of the western world today and it’s obsession with all things sex, one has to wonder if we had a married priesthood would there be inevitably more scandal than before?

I’m thinking of the usual scenario we see played out in evangelical churches. many become disillusioned with it over the scandal of the affairs the married pastors have with other women or his wife with men. It becomes a scandal in their community and so they leave and go to another church.

I don’t believe that a married priesthood in the Catholic church will cure anything. I think with the sexual promiscuity the west suffers with it could do without a married priesthood. People think that sexual sins are cured or alleviated when someone gets married but that’s not true as two women I know their husbands left them for other women.

You see, when you’re married you’re more sexually active and so more prone to losing your soul through sexual sins. In celibacy, you’re not as sexually active and so this is why it’s seen by Jesus in the gospel being promoted by Christ himself as the better choice.

The east is a different beast altogether as today it doesn’t come close to the sexual depravity of the west. Therefore the married priesthood in the byzantine churches works well.

Even though Pope Gregory had his reasons for creating a celibate priesthood, the Holy Spirit, when looking into the future of the depraved west, decided it was going to need a much stronger priesthood to counter the culture that lay ahead of them.


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