”The Irish Catholic Church Is So Sex Obsessed!” Liberal Rant

When talking about the Irish Catholic Church with a guy yesterday he claimed the church is ”obsessed with sex” and what goes on in other people’s bedrooms is no business to the church.

It’s odd but much of the shallow minded soap opera, trash tv society have been so programmed by the state that they miss the actual puddle of sewage they’re currently rolling in.

Imagine for example a young man saying this to you from his room dressed in posters of models in bikinis striking a sexual pose with his porn stash hidden under the bed far away from anyone’s sight.

If anyone has an unhealthy obsession and warped view of sex its YOU and secular society that surrounds you. Take a listen to the songs on the radio all about smacking butts and being ”in love with your body” not to mention the new one I heard on the radio ”I’m feeling sexual are you feeling sexual? ”

Lady gaga throwing around dildos on the stage, Miley cirrus and Madonna as well as page 3 girls in Irish and British newspapers with their breasts hanging out for dirty old men who see them only as lumps of meat for pleasure. Obsessed with sex much? I think so. When was the last time the Irish Catholic ran with a page 3 girl?

They talk about the Catholic church wanting to go into people’s bedrooms. I don’t see where we teach that at all. We do our best to preach to society in a manner that invites them to accept the truth laid out before them.

Secularism on the other hand wants to steer us in the wrong direction which is the only road they see worthy travelling. There’s no invitation by the way, you’re coming to the party whether you like it or not.

They talk about not entering people s bedrooms and privacy yet sit around the TV at night watching reality TV shows that put a camera in a couples bedroom, watch them have sex only to follow with  ”advice” afterwards on the performance or lack of.

They want to get into our children’s bedrooms bringing their ”sex” education into our schools but we dare not suggest our own for that would be too invasive for them and suddenly they cry ”mind your own business” to a ”Catholic” school wanting to teach ”Catholic” sex education.

The list of hypocrisy of the left is so long it makes the great wall of china look like a 100 meter run.

Who controls the fashion industry and makes all the perverse clothes designed to lead men into being ( as the popular song on radio says )”In love with your body”? They’re not in love with you just your body but you see girls who complain about mens treatment of them out pole dancing to this song down the local pub on Saturday night.

Who controls the sexual language of songs and the radio…whose dominating the charts right now, is it Catholics ? NO. It’s always something more perverse than that.

Whose the one in control of hollywood. Catholics? NO, of course not, yet its 50 shades darker and all the boyfriends being pulled along to see it by their girlfriends. That’s right, a movie that’s obsessed with angry sex and it’s  A WOMAN who brings along her boyfriend to see it. The same woman who laments when the tiny voice of Catholicism is heard condemning it for what it is and for being ”Anti-woman”.

Have you ever heard that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? Because right now you’re throwing them and the cuts and bruises are there for all to see.

Dear secular Irish society, you’re mentally unstable. Please, come back to the Catholic church and may your healing process begin and I promise if you’re reading this and you do, you’ll be the first to get a get well soon card from me because I was there too.

Like the prodigal son who one day had to swallow his pride and realize the food he ate was never going to satisfy and fill him, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to become sick of the unfulfilling life you believe you lead.

Deep inside you, you know that you’re unhappy and you’re trying to fill the empty gap with all the immediate pleasures of the flesh society has to offer such as drugs, alcohol and sex etc etc. However it’s like filling the hoover bag with a hole in it and only a matter of time before you discover the hole.

God bless you.







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