Four Chants From Pro Abort Activists Which Make No Sense


I hadn’t done photography in quite some time. I was aware that the ROSA bus campaign to repeal the 8th was on tour of Ireland and I wanted to be part of the counter demonstration to that but I had my day job and not enough notice to take time off.

Then all of a sudden and without notice I get fired and I’ve a job lined up but I don’t start until Monday 13th so seeing my friend Becky’s post on Facebook about the bus arriving in Maynooth gave me the opportunity to scratch the itch to go down and take some snaps of these witches for abortion.

Many of their chant’s just make no sense to me and the biased media whose photographers never seem to be there the moment they’re doing something naughty, will not take them to task in their interviews on such senseless chants.


The amount of pro abort and pro-life rallies I’ve been to and this chant just keeps getting hammered out again and again. I always thought to myself ”This isn’t about your ovaries, this is about an unborn human being whose choice you want to take away from because you’re not quite ”ready” yet.

I always wanted a picture that would actually speak those words for me when people look at it. A picture that defeated such a chant in one single snap. I believe what you see above is it.

Opposite to the placard ”Keep your Rosaries off my Ovaries” is a sign of a human baby inside her mother’s womb that says ”Save me, save the 8th”. Incredible image that clearly sends out the message that this is not about your ovaries but an unborn living human being inside of you.



This is honestly another one that baffles me. Women are not just deciding their fate, but the fate of an innocent unborn human life. I’d much rather they be honest and at least admit the human life they want to put an end to is separate from them. Instead they just dress it up in such poor fashion in attempt to disguise the fact that women are deciding their own fate rather than that of someone else. Speaking of being badly dressed….



Except it’s NOT YOUR BODY that you’re aborting because if it was, then you’d be the one who dies. Two separate bodies, heartbeats and strands of DNA is NOT THE SAME BODY. Your unborn child is completely different to you and your choice does not reflect their own of which they don’t have because they’re in a position where, unlike you with your big megaphone, can’t speak up for themselves.

What’s even more comical is men with no uterus or say in abortion who shouldn’t get involved in the debate ( according to the pro abortionists you see here )  yet men behind them are also chanting ”Our bodies our choice”. Have you ever seen the like of it? But of course men are backing this campaign, a free ride with no responsibility is nothing they’d love more.



They’ve never contemplated nor explored the idea that many Gay people are very much against abortion including feminist groups who see abortion as harmful to women and is effectively destroying what femininity stands for.

Being gay also has nothing to do with the debate on abortion but they use it with the insinuation that everyone who is pro-life is either islamic, catholic or a Jew.

Their advice to women on how to obtain abortion pills and their commitment to obtain these abortion pills (which have been known to cause major damage to women and resulting in death for not just the female in the womb) only proves all the more that they don’t care about women. Real women protect women and abortion when one looks at the facts laid out before them, will clearly come to the conclusion that it’s the abortion movement that is anti-women.


If you’re wondering why none of these slogans and chants make any sense it’s because the entire argument favouring abortion is fallacious and extremely illogical. One doesn’t even have to dig deep to discover how stupid these sayings are they’re that childish.

Take for instance my favourite placard above ”I am a boss ass bitch”. What on earth has that got to do with abortion?

The constant desire to make killing babies look trendy isn’t working girls, you can dress how you like and get as artistic and creative as you want but the truth will always prevail and right now the polls are not in your favour.

Students on campus of Maynooth that night took to social media to denounce your angry foul tactics of this campaign not to mention it’s fallacious stance that abortion is right for women.















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