Protecting The Innocent

I went to the barbers today with my 5-year-old (soon to be 6-year-old) son. As you can imagine it’s a place where men go to sit and immerse themselves in the manly atmosphere of male conversation. A few ”fucks” and ”shit” and ”bastard” thrown into the melting pot of language always being the norm.

My wife sat there staring at the ground feeling so out-of-place. Popular culture was the decor of the walls in which every corner of the room was covered head to toe in images of musicians, artists and supposedly great philosophers of the 20th century.

In addition to this, like any good barbers or decent publican house you had the TV on the wall with the music channel on flow presenting all the popular music in the charts.

All of a sudden my eyes are drawn to the TV and I spot the club type music video with women dressed in almost nothing dancing sexually and rubbing their breasts. I casually looked away and back at my phone when I realized someone else was watching, my son.

He watched it and he winced with embarrassment and did not know what to do. After all he had never been exposed to a music video like this before in his 6 years of existence because there’s no popular TV or culture in my house today. We have a TV but we control what we watch. I shielded him immediately from it by talking with him and turning his attention to me for discussion.

There were lots of other kids there. To these kids however this type of thing is normal. Most 6 -8 year old girls and even younger would not be shocked by this because mommy watches these videos whilst she vacuums and tidies up the toys.

This is the highly sexual culture I grew up in myself. The predatory nature of secularism is so subtle and the philosophy so blinding. ”Ah sure what harm is it, I watched these videos and listened to this music and turned out ok”. You know, I believe them, but what about the others who were not so successful at navigating the liberal, secular, sexual predatory gauntlet?

Fact of the matter remains is that children’s innocence is being robbed from them. I am so sick of men and women lament that by sharing my faith with them via Facebook or on the street I am somehow forcing my religion down their necks. Yet here in front of my son and all around him (pics of celebrities striking sexual poses) a philosophy that is forcing itself into the doors of his innocent heart which seeks to corrupt his pure mind is imposing its views on me, my son and wife.

We are forced fed this garbage in public and protecting the innocent is made all the more difficult by the mere fact that we cannot walk outside our door without seeing some sort of drug, alcohol or sexual reference in adverts, graffiti, music or the general conversation of some at a dinner table whose language provides a less than desirable environment for children.

We have stooped lower than Sodom and Gomorrah that much is true, but we must do our best to protect the next generation from this filth. Don’t throw them into the gauntlet. Take them out of it altogether.

God bless



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