Traditionalist Catholics Are Becoming A Pain In The Butt

There are three groups in the church today who make up the Catholic family.

These groups consist of the right-wing fundamentalist like Michael Voris and life site news for example who are the religious police and go around nit-picking at every detail bashing people with their religious stick of zeal and the law.

I like Michael and I hate to pick on him because his conversion story is very inspiring, but he is the perfect example of someone who has gone ( or is still experiencing )  an epiphany and when the dust settles you end up where Michael Voris is now going around publicly flogging every single Christian who steps out of line. If he catches a bishop eating meat on Friday during lent he makes a public video out of it that’s just how tasteless the whole public flagellation of clergy is. But you can’t tell him this. That’s the thing, you cannot talk to someone in that state and can only wait until the grace of God snaps them out of it.

It sounds like he’s ( Michael ) a kind of Ignatius of Loyola who himself was without spiritual guidance and exhibited the same behaviour. That’s what traditionalist/fundamentalists are. They are people with great intentions but without a guide and so the devil bestows upon them the evil demon known as ”The doctor of the law.” Oh you mean you’ve never been a victim of this demon before? He’s been around centuries.

The doctor of the law is a self-styled canon lawyer who knows every canon, every paragraph in the catechism and every liturgical rubric you can think of. Oh and he can’t get enough of theological courses and has to obtain every BA and MA you can lay your hands on because he’s on a spiritual mission to battle the evil in the church and so it goes and has went for centuries. He thinks this all glorifies God but it more or less glorifies himself.

If he see’s you even step once out of line he will emerge from his cage, beat his breasts and tear his garments before you so concerned he is with saving your soul.

Anyway, that’s one group out-of-the-way, a group I sympathize with because their reaction is towards the menacing Progressive group who seemed to have complete reign over every facet of Liturgical worship in the church.

No doubt you know what’s coming next. The progressives who have more than just a loss of guidance but whose actions exhibit a complete lack of the Spirit altogether. I’ve been there, sat in on the theological courses myself and walked out of them. I left a course and forfeited my fees and I’d no job. I’d no time to listen to that crap because I came for a Catholic education and got an Anglican one.

This group is a real pain in the butt because they really honestly think their modernity is so appealing to the youth and really cool. If anyone has ever been to their ”prayer” meetings one can see it’s far from it and is the most cringing experience you will ever encounter.

The charismatic are so liberal in their theology that when I see them speaking in ”tongues” I often wonder the validity of such gifts and if they’re actually really blessed with this gift or just another bunch of self inflated egotistical misled souls.

I don’t know. Maybe God gave them this gift and is just patient with them and their ideas that women can be priests and contraception is a fine thing?

Look! both of these groups are viciously opposed to one another yet have a shared hatred of Pope Francis. The progressives try to twist what Pope Francis says to suit themselves and use him for their end goals and the traditionalists do the same. They’re both the same side of one coin.

Both of these groups want change and that change must result in what the church should look like from THEIR perspective but dare it be anything to do with what the Holy Spirit wants, only what they think the Holy Spirit wants.

There is a third group. I call this group the ”Well…balanced…Catholics”. These are the ones busy trying to navigate the narrow path and gauntlet of the left and ring wing trying to pull them over the fence to join them.

It is so hard to fight the spiritual battle presented before us without having to experience the utter drivel from these blind guides pushing their agenda and grabbing souls to join their crusade against church authority and all things Pope Francis ( and that hatred of Authority will change depending upon which group ascribe to.)

Who is the well-balanced Catholic? It’s hard to describe them. They are the ones who are usually more modern than the modernist and always more fundamental than the fundamentalist.

Posessing the wherewithal to make the right decisions because they’ve either had the right spiritual guides or been purposely preserved by the Holy Spirit from making these errors. These Catholics are the true warriors of the faith who have not allowed themselves to fall into the hands of the devil who wears a great mask to disguise his heinous little ways. He decieves even the most elite minds of the church (tertullian to name but one) that’s how crafty he is.

So how do we fight these groups. How do we stand up against this tyrannical tidal wave of bad theology and personalities?

Irish Answer: A pint of guinness every day and the rosary.

The actual answer: You don’t stand up to them. You pray for them and you must above all WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION. Great advice from Saint Paul. work out your own salvation because you can’t save your neighbour if you are not in the process of getting saved yourself.

There is no need to start a video channel like Michael Voris or a news site like lifesitenews. All you have to do is go to mass once a week, pray your daily prayers, go to confession once a week and avoid all the clamour of both groups. If that means unfriending every single religious person on your facebook whose profile pic includes an image of Mary, Jesus or the local Bishop then so be it. But do what you can to preserve your peace because if you’re not at peace then you’re prayers are troubled and if your prayers don’t reach God then the whole world goes belly up.

God bless and please pray for me.











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