Recognizing The Devils Voice

When we think of hearing the devil speak, exorcism of the extreme form come to mind where the victim is possessed entirely. This kind of possession is rare and it’s rare for a reason. It’s rare because it’s of no use to the devil. Even though his hatred for us is so strong and he uses this rare tactic to intimidate the faithful, it’s not his most strategic move for reasons that it makes him too obvious.

The best way he can cause more destruction is through the subtle voices of the ignorant population from rich to poor. He uses them or rather they quite willingly offer themselves to the cause without never knowing who it is behind the curtain pushing all the buttons.

There are days when I think about what the best gift one can ask for from the Holy Spirit. Although asking for the Grace to Love is always top of the agenda there is a grace important to navigating this life. I’m going to say two things here but I feel they are one and the same. These gifts are ”self awareness” and ”Discernment of the Spirits”.

Becoming aware of ones own spirit is important if we are going to discern other spirits and because its a grace it can’t be learned and learning is useful but only has it’s limits.

Without self-awareness we become a blind guide to others.

The devil is crafty and always likes to let you know he’s around especially when you know most of his tricks and he knows that you know he is there.

I was sitting at the bar one night on my own having a beer watching TV and I’m in a bad mood when in walks a man in his mid 50’s. He strikes up a conversation with me, has never met me before but very early in my conversation he says ”I notice you don’t curse, are you a Christian?”

It was at this point the hairs stood on the back of my neck a little. Why. you might ask would you that happen, after all he’s just a nice man who asked a simple question right? It is because what I heard was the devil and I knew where this was going.

I never allow anyone to know my conversion story outside of the walls of the priests or religious and even them there are some who it is spiritually too much for. I don’t do it because it’s spiritually too much for the average joe and citizen to handle and you always end up looking like a nut case. However on this particular night he caught me in a rough mood.

He pressed me to explain why I’d ascribe to Christianity what was my conversion. So, instead of giving him the short version I give most people, I gave him the long and detailed one. I get to the real spiritual bit and that’s when the devil couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Out of the man spewed nothing but anger, hatred and curse words. Every obscenity. A nice quiet and well composed man suddenly turned into a monster. In the midst of his angry and incoherent rant he said ”Fuck this where was God when my mother was suffering and dying?” and he started to scream it was so strange and then he screeched and run out of the pub.

It was wrong of me to tell him my story and I probably upset Jesus greatly over it as with people like himself he is so loved by God that my little short version of how I converted would have done him more good than my longer one. Milk before solids and I knew all this but I was in a bad mood that evening.

Anyway although we hear the devils voice in the clamor of the abortion activists and politicians who despise the faith this was an example of how the devil can be more hidden in every day conversation always looking to trip you up and cause as much hassle as he can.

So discernment of the Spirits is something we should ask for every day because he attacks the praying Christian, the one who struggles to live his faith. This kind of person has thousands of demons surrounding him pulling him this way and that whereas the ignorant person who doesn’t need religion requires no demons at all as he’s quite happily given himself over to Satan.

That said it’s very important not to be going around listening out for the Devil all the time. Discerning the spirits also means listening out for God too and knowing when he is speaking. Nobody ever gets it right 100% and no matter what spiritual level you may be on even all the holy prophets and mystics of the church will tell you that they don’t get it right all the time and often made a bad decision assuming they heard God in some way.

Discernment of oneself will lead to discernment of the spirits. Ask for the Grace of both self-awareness and discernment. You won’t regret it.

God bless.










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