The Night I Nearly Died On Drugs

I’m a business to business sales man. One of the businesses I canvassed was in my old estate where I grew up. It was a youth club I attended from the age of 13 through to 16 years old.

It was established in the attempt to keep working class kids out of trouble. The good were mixed with the bad and anybody could come and go.

I hadn’t really been inside of it since. It was always known as ”The Club” or ”The house” but now the police have taken over and so it’s very controlled. Only kids who get in trouble with the law are sent there and they’re only allowed in for a year.

As I came up the stairs and into the room on the second floor, I had a major flashback of the day I swallowed an enormous lump of cannabis on my own. No yoghurt, no sprinkle of the coffee, I just took that thing and chewed it and swallowed it whole.

An hour later I arrived at the usual time to the club. Nobody knew exactly what was wrong with me but I recall bushcraft lessons were taking place and knives were being used. I was so stoned that I couldn’t even function at all.

If my memory serves me correctly, I got up to leave and one of the lads had to be taken to hospital because he accidentally cut himself with the knife. I met him in the toilet and laughed at his misery.

As I left the house to go home, I remember a guy called Mark who stood there with a hot cup of tea. He laughed at me and threw it all over me and to their surprise I didn’t feel the scalding pain.

I kept walking as I knew I wasn’t right, I thought I needed to sleep it off so I struggled to get home. I went straight upstairs and into my bed.

As I lay there, my heart was racing, my stomach felt so heavy as if there was a brick inside of it. A voice of inspiration ”Get up, tell your dad everything and get to the hospital.”

I was so weak, I sat up on the bed and with my foot, banged on the floor. Eventually my father heard the faint bang of a foot from below and he came to me. I told him I needed a doctor I swallowed a big lump of hash.

As I could not walk I was dragged up the corridor ahead of the queue as I was an emergency. In that queue was the boy who had cut his hand waiting to see a doctor.

I was screaming as I knew I was going to die so I was panicking. The doctor was an indian doctor. I will never forget the look of fear on his face when he saw me. Struggling to understand my English or slang for Cannabis I lost all patience with him.

Everyone stood around the bed as they watched me squirm around in pain and panic. Then the doctor injected me with something and all of a sudden like a fire mans hose I vomited an incredible amount of blood.

It had transpired in later tests that the lump of cannabis I swallowed grew to the size of a big potato in my stomach.

In it only 5% of cannabis was found. Tests later presented to us that rat poison, VIM bleach ( which gave it the yellow color you often see with cannabis ) among other household chemicals were found in it.

The cannabis was also microwaved prior to me buying it to give it a bigger appearance than it already had. Doctor at the time explained that had I laid in my bed and fell asleep instead of seeking help I would never have awoken.

That night I remember only my mother putting on my socks to keep me warm I was shivering. I laid in the hospital bed and at around 3am a nurse came in to find me sobbing. She whispered ”He who never made a mistake, never made anything”.

When I came around to it and a week later was out of hospital, I remember coming back to school with an empty bag. I just showed up to economics class and I was marched straight to the principal office who was a new guy and he told me to go home and don’t come back I’m too long out of school to be accepted back in.

I left school that day and I never came back. We tried another school but they rejected me as well. I never had the opportunity to finish my leaving cert and got a job working in tescos.

It was an amazing sort of flash back of all the fun and games had in that youth club. You may think my behaviour on the street signaled someone who the youth club obviously didn’t work for but it did. If it wasn’t for it I’d have ended up worse.

I never touched drugs again until I went to Scotland years later where again I fell into a hole of my own digging. I was on my way to total destruction but it was at this point Jesus stood in and decided he’d had enough.

At what point did Jesus stand in when your life was going on wide path to destruction? Let us know in the comments below.



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