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Did you know that Catholic snobbery is a real thing? It most certainly is and snobbery goes all the way back to the pharisees who stood there ready to condemn a woman for her sin. Instead of rushing to forgive her and give her an honest hearing, they went in and condemned her right away.

Pharisees where snobs. People who thought they were know-it-all’s and had a higher opinion of themselves than most. They were privileged. They grew up with a strong education, ate the best of food and wore the best of clothes. They lived in a bubble and were unable to step into the shoes of someone of lower class than themselves.

For this reason they weren’t considered good evangelists. Jesus however was someone who the ordinary person could identify with and he brought himself down to the level of a peasant. St.Ignatius of Loyola employed this method and it worked well. After all it’s only common sense given that Jesus is the one who coined the strategy.

Snobbery has never went away and Catholic yuppies still exist to this day. As much as I love them, I’m forever trying to avoid them especially the American type who are new converts from a protestant background. Like the pharisees, they’re a very ”by the book” people who get on my nerves. Ireland has them too don’t get me wrong but the Americans are so much more intense in their snobbery because they’re by default an intense nation.

They take everything and multiply it by 100 and they have this approach to the Catholic faith as well. So needless to say they get on my absolute nerves.

Anyway, today I had a discussion about lying with some of these people. The woman who initially posted this story on facebook I’ve been watching for a while. I already have known she is a bit of a privileged middle to upper class snob and my wife is forever giving out about her updates on facebook that she had to just hide every post from her. I tolerate her only because I sincerely love her but her recent post took the biscuit.

She posted a news story about how these college kids investigated their principal only to find out she lied on here resume to get the position/job. We don’t know what made them investigate, we don’t know why she lied. Did she lie to indulge herself in a six figure income? Ok we know that is wrong. Did she do it because she desperately needed a job to keep the mortgage afloat and cater for her kids college fees? Perhaps so.

I found her gloating over this and her snobby friends throwing stones at this woman without even gathering all the facts first very distasteful. I told them Abraham lied, Jacob lied, King David lied. Sometimes we lie and it’s not the ideal but in the real world sometimes we have to do so just to get that job because we’ve literally no education and been on the social welfare since we were 18 years old. All of a sudden we decide we want to get better and enter the workforce. Would you enter the workforce with an empty resume?

Who would hire ”Hi I’m John, I was a drug addict for years and a bum on social welfare for 8 long years but now I’m ready to come work for your company”? Would you hire this guy? Such an argument shut them up pretty quickly as like a true pharisee they were claiming that lying serves no purpose whatsoever.

Oh you mean that time when Pope Francis lied to the Junta to get out the persecuted Christians and smuggle them out of Argentina, that served no purpose? They began to howl now and trip over themselves again and again with ”Oh but that’s different to lying to getting a six figure income”. All of a sudden the people who said lying had no purpose were now eating their own words, all of a sudden now it did have a purpose.

The fact of the matter is my dear readers, these people are self-styled theologians. Over privileged delinquents and downright snobby. They live in a bubble of never having to worry about their education because dad paid for that and so getting into the workforce was easy. They are therefore like the pharisees unable to put themselves in the shoes of man who has to tell a few lies on a resume to get working at the local walmart as something ridiculous as stacking shelves.

If you want to live a life of spiritual perfection and not have to enter into the real world of bumps and knocks, then you should go into a monastery and live out that vocation. But in the world, sometimes we have to do what isn’t ideal in order to get ahead but don’t ever judge someone without digging deeper first. Before you cast that first stone, consider whether or not you’re being an absolute snob and have done your homework. Not only that like the woman who committed adultery, the journalists made this principals lies so public that it will destroy her chance of ever getting a job again? is that justice? is that forgiveness?

Snobs and yuppies in the church drive away converts. They’re like wolves among sheep who actually think they’re ”helping”. They usually have zero people skills and are often put in positions such as reader of the word, or secretary because the priest himself is a snob and so you’ve got all these people from privileged backgrounds with no people skills or life experience from priest to laity running the church and they wonder why the average joe doesn’t fit into their click, why he won’t darken its doorstep?

One guy said it to my sister  ”ah the Church is just a club, a gentleman’s club”. He didn’t fit in because the Catholic church was just considered a club for the white suburban yuppie. I need to be fair to him he’s right. He really is because before I converted back to the church that’s how I felt.

There I was stood at Catholic mass for the first time since I was 12 years old. I’m in my rocker leather jacket and gear. I take a look around me and it’s a sea of well dressed snobs and I just thought ”What am I doing here? I don’t fit in here at all, these are the very people who annoyed me my whole life”.

My problem with yuppies goes even deeper than before I was Christian you see. When I was 8 years old, I had a friend who was poor ah sure look…we were all poor. At Halloween he couldn’t afford to buy a cheap plastic scary mask.

He came with us and he put his hood up, his hand over his face and tried his best. When we came to this one household of marble munchers, (that’s those who like to talk with a few marbles in their mouth)  the man answered the door and wouldn’t give my friend any candy. ”He’s not getting any because he doesn’t have a mask”.

That friend over the years, where is he now? he was in prison, for robbery, assault, rape, you name it he’s been in and out. I always like to think my disdain for snobs began there.

This is mostly why I avoid their natural habitat which is often bible groups and theological seminars or the coffee club after mass. yuck. no thanks. But then when I first began reading the bible for the first time, I saw that Jesus didn’t care much for them either. Oh he loved them, but he gave them a hard time didn’t he? Makes me feel I’m not all that bad for avoiding them.

I put up with them when I have to put up with them. If I’m like a cornered rat in the room with no place else to go, I just have to bite the bullet and talk to them always keeping an eye out for the exit.

In fact I’m pretty sure if God hadn’t of blessed me with the  special approach I got 8 years ago, I’d have most likely fallen back into my old secular ways and forgotten about the church as some sort of strange ”phase” I went through. But it’s the constant daily reminder of this blessing which is why I endure and keep moving along.





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2 thoughts on “Catholic Snobs

  1. You must have read my blog! 🙂 I’m an American convert to Catholicism from Protestantism. And honestly, I’m enjoying reading your thoughts. I hope and pray you find peace. (We flirted with Eastern Orthodoxy, too, btw. )

    • No I have not had the pleasure of reading your blog but welcome home my friend. Eastern Orthodoxy is very nice and I hope you find peace also where you’re at right now. Thank you for reading my rant and your prayers. Keep it simple. God bless.

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