How To Influence People by saying ”Nobody Does That Anymore”

Today I read a comment of a guy who said ”Nobody goes to Mass anymore”. In Ireland it’s a common thing just thrown out there but how are you supposed to respond to this mastermind of an argument against Catholicism?

”Nobody goes to confession anymore” and ”Nooobody wears shoes like THAT anymore you’d wanna keep up with the times dear”. Statistics show that nobody believes in the real presence in the Eucharist anymore, just saw it on RTE television show tonight. That means Jesus isn’t REAL.

My mother falls victim to this. My poor mother, you could wander into her house and say ”ah mammy, nobody puts sugar in their tea anymore it’s not the done thing.” Well you could be sure she’d stop putting sugar in her tea shortly afterwards. The response is habitual.

Our reaction to ”Nobody does that anymore” is rarely one of disdain. We have been so accustomed to the popular culture that we habitually find ourselves obeying this command.

Our thoughts and actions are determined by whatever the popular culture en masse has decided is trendy. Right now in the west, having no religion is trendy. Having kids out-of-wedlock and being a cool single mother is trendy. Being pro abortion and the extermination of the unborn is trendy.

”Marriage is just a piece of paper, nobody really cares about it anymore, what are you getting married for ? it’s ridiculous.”

The left are so bizarre. On a continual basis they complain about people shoving religion down their necks but when someone puts on a display of piety they’re quick to shove their fascist beliefs down our own. If we protest? We get the ”Look, nobody does it anymore, you’re literally the only one who believes that killing unborn babies is wrong, welcome to the 21st century…helloooo?”

That’s the level of intelligence you’re dealing with. But isn’t it amazing how much power the ”Nobody does that anymore” has over us? I mean we just go for it and follow the herd on this alone.

Total faith put into the idea that the majority vote decides eternal truths. Isn’t that crazy? The same folk who make fun of people with faith in God fail to see their own faith in the absolute fallacious views they hold about accepting that ”Nobody does that anymore”.

There’s a day coming when people when people will look back on this age not as the dark age but the really really dumb age. There’s a future coming where religion and common sense will prevail and all that talk of there is¬†no God and nobody going to Mass? well….Nobody will do or say that anymore hahahaha.


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