The Roman Catholic ”Childrens Liturgy”

I’ve always avoided this at Roman Catholic Masses and I’ve written about it here before I’m sure of it. But the time has come to have a good old rant at it again.

Last week a woman approached me with the invitation to bring the kids to their childrens Liturgy which I politely declined. ”No thanks my kids wouldn’t be interested in that”. Nice lady but it’s not the time nor the place either to explain why I think the childrens liturgy its a ball of horse manure.

You’re going to suspect I’m being a legalist with what is about to follow however there’s legalism (please see my most recent post before this on legalism) and then there’s necessary intervention that has to do with the salvation and formation of ones soul. I will speak about why it’s a good idea and why its a bad idea.

The children’s Liturgy is not a liturgy so you should stop calling it that for a start. They go back there to talk about the Lord and todays reading and to color in a few pictures. They are removed from the Mass and into the sacristy. The priest greets them on the altar with a childrens bible and off they go. A Liturgy has a priest present at it.

A Good Idea 

It’s a good idea to discuss today’s Gospel with children and draw pictures in a group.

A Bad Idea 

It’s a bad idea because it removes them from the Mass. This is the Sacrifice of the Mass and the children should be present for the duration of it all. Yes their little minds should endure the mundane sometimes not clever homily of some of the priests. After all why should only the parents have to suffer it?

Joking aside children need to learn discipline and most of all attend THE mass and not be removed from it. It’s like its a creche for the parent incapable of coping with a difficult child. I can see the parish council meeting, I don’t have to be there to see how they come up with this. Basically I bet it’s something along the lines of ”parents needs a break from those children.

Parents are unable to enjoy Mass and listen to the Gospel and homily because little jack keeps running up and down the isle and throwing tantrums. We should therefore create a little space for the parents to enjoy the mass.

Guess what? It will be great for the kids because they will be more focused in a group of their own and learn a lot about the Gospel that they wouldn’t have done when at the Mass before the priest whose homily they don’t understand (neither do we parents as it happens).

It sounds so good and as a parent so tempting to just bite into that forbidden fruit because it looks so good. It’s a really good presentation but guess what? It’s still theologically wrong and even scandalous to remove them from the Mass.

This woman had to ask me for my children. Only two sundays previous another woman asked but nobody ever asked before. In my days of attending these masses nobody ever asked but now it suddenly dawned upon me that nobody is going to them anymore. This is why they ask because nobody is giving their children over to it anymore.

They’ve copped on perhaps that it’s wrong who knows? But this is the thing with modern progressivists in the church and my diocese is extreme in its liberal theology. Their ideas which they put into practice only ever end up being attended by themselves. They die eventually of their own accord. It’s kinda like what St.Pauls teacher gamilieal said about the Christian movement that if what they’re doing is the truth it will spread and nobody will ever be able to stop it. But if it a lie it will die of it’s own accord like all the others.

It’s the same with progressive movements in the church. The really ugly modern buildings looked and sounded great in the 80s as did all the guitars and folk music. People latched onto the idea in the beginning but eventually it began to die over the years. Now young people are hungry for the mystical in the church of which they’re still not getting.

So they look for it elsewhere perhaps in the Orthodox or Greek Catholic churches or they find it in sects like sedevacantism and the SSPX both groups of which are an enormous pain in the ass and just the opposite extreme to the other.

So where do we go from here? Just what is the solution to the childrens Liturgy? Have it after mass and see how many parents are interested. But of course this was probably brought up at the parish council ( a council of lay people most of whom havn’t seen the inside of a confession box in years and most likely don’t believe in it. ) ”No we couldn’t have it after mass because nobody would go, we’ll have it at mass that’s the best time”.

So what then is the solution here, To stop having a children’s Liturgy altogether?





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