J.R.R Tolkiens Vision For Christian Unity


In the Lord of the rings I’ve always had a theory of Tolkien’s vision of the modern church today in all its splintered glory.

The Catholics (the elves), the Orthodox (the bearded dwarfs) and the Men (the protestants). The Catholics and Orthodox being elves and dwarf and are not portrayed like the men because they’re other worldly and mystical whereas the protestant culture doesn’t have these characteristics of theology.

In addition to these Tolkien has the Orthodox (Dwarves) down to a T. They are often very loud, grumpy and uncompromising much like the Orthodox Church of today. They are very manly whereas the Elves (Catholics) are very feminine looking. It’s a weird way of looking at it but tell me I’m wrong haha.

In Tolkiens vision we see that in order for the entire kingdom to eliminate the powers of Darkness and put a lid on it, All the elves, dwarfs and men must unite. What about the hobbits, who are they? We will get to that in a minute.

Without unity the powers of darkness rule and for as long as there is discord and no harmony within Christendom, the devil has much more of a foothold. Today, even though we may have our theological differences, without Christians settling their differences and coming together to unite against the powers of atheism and secularism, it will have constant rule over us.

What about the hobbits? Isn’t funny how Frodo is given the job of getting rid of the ring? He’s light footed, small and nobody will see him come in the back door. Who are the hobbits in the church? The hobbits are the mystics. The children (vassula ryden, fatima, medjugorje and Garabandal to name some examples) who nobody ever sees. They’ve been chosen because they will be light footed and are usually unseen because their humility gives them no cause to be seen.

When we are humble, the devil can neither see nor touch us. It’s only those of us who are full of sin who become entangled in him and come under his fire. Jesus has always chosen the weak in the Bible to be his prophets. They may not have all been perfect but they were chosen nevertheless to lead the Church into the future and back to God.

However these little hobbits can’t do it alone. They need the help and guidance of the world around them to take them there. They need a spiritual director (Gandalf) and they need others to guide them (the elves, dwarf and men) because without them and their unity they will never defeat darkness.

The call of God for the entire Christendom is unity because without it Christians will be overcome. Scripture says a divided house cannot stand. If Christians are at each others throats is it any wonder darkness has the upper hand?

We need to become small and humble like the little hobbits. We need to become like this in order to fight evil. I do believe that this movie was J.R.R Tolkiens message of unity for the modern and broken Church.

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10 thoughts on “J.R.R Tolkiens Vision For Christian Unity

  1. I think the big questions is, “How?” It’s an open question to you, but when I’ve thought through it, I think part of that means seeing the good in other Christian traditions, praising it and maybe even incorporating it, while still keeping the distinctions. I’m not a dwarf. It’s ok to say I’m not a dwarf, but I can appreciate them and be thankful for them.

    • Unity is not something written on a piece of paper. Jesus says himself in the tlig messages given to Vassula that if we bend in humility towards one another he will do everything else. but for as long as we argue and remain distant from each other, then Gods hands are tied to our free will. You will notice that everyone in the movie clip approach Frodo with support and say ”You have my bow” ”You have my axe” ”you have my sword” so here is a symbol of all the churches bringing something to the table. All have good qualities to help this unity along and defeat the powers of darkness. Yet there is a fullness of truth, but the journey there begins with humility. Jesus will do the rest. The ring is our pride, but only those chosen to do so have the ability to help bring that ring (pride) to an end.

      • Can you give an example of what that would look like in real life? What kind of unity do you mean? I ask because many Protestants believe in salvation by grace through faith alone and a Catholic (or Orthodox) Christian cannot. They can hold those beliefs humbly, can offer their particular emphasis, and work together in areas of agreement – like social justice or what not. They can even believe they will see the other in Heaven one day. But the disagreement is real just the same.

      • You see, you’re getting entangled again in unity of doctrines. This unity will come after when they all gather around a table to humbly speak of these doctrines but the greater unity is the Love. We can have the fullness of truth and all the doctrines but without love we will never come back under the umbrella of St.Peter. What that unity will look like can only ever be realized when Christians unite in their Love and humility. Eventually however, the unity desired by Christ is to gather once again under Peter. Read the True Life In God messages for yourself from Volume 1-12 and allow Jesus to tell you himself what that unity will look like. God bless.

      • I’m not trying to insist on one unity or another. I’m just trying to clarify what you mean.

      • I’m aware of this which is why I said you’re becoming entangled too much in the official doctrine stuff and so clarified that unity will be of the heart first then God, seeing our desire to learn the truth, will do the rest.

  2. I hope you aren’t reading any hostility in my comments. I’m sincerely asking to understand what you’re saying.

    • No hostility is being read whatsoever. Don’t allow the devil to taunt you into assuming my emotions and what I’m thinking based on what you’ve written.

      • It’s so easy for things to get misinterpreted on the internet. đŸ™‚ I pray for you and hope you pray for me, too.

      • No not at all, it happens in real life too although I do concede that the internet is a more difficult ship to navigate when engaging others. I will indeed pray for you.

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