The Theology Of Roman Catholics On First Holy Communion

There are some theological innovations of Roman Catholics I actually like. Adoration is one of them. There are some theological innovations however that Christ puts up with because the church have the keys but that make no sense to those of us in the East.

When administering the Sacraments they used to do what the Orthodox do which is Baptize, give Holy Communion and Confirmation all in one go. Now it has become a case of separating all of these.

I don’t know why that began but the theological arguments I’ve heard from both east and west in its simplest form is as follows.

The East argue that Jesus says let the little children come to me and do not refuse them. The Western Church seem to use St.Pauls argument that unless someone can truly recognise the Eucharist as the Body of Christ they shouldn’t be admitted. Therefore until the child reaches the age of reason, they should not be admitted.

It appears that the Roman Catholic one makes sense. Nobody is refusing the children in their regard because we are just doing what is in their interests.

Years ago I thought about this. Honestly things like this would make me just sit and think all day because I love arguing against stuff for the sake of arguing. If arguing was a sport I’d have a cabinet full of trophies.

I came up with something that so far seems to be legit and I’ve held fast to this day as a logical argument against the Roman Catholic practice.

Does a mother refuse her child the breast because he doesn’t understand it? He has no concept of what it is, breast, nipple, milk,  yet it’s food that is necessary for his growth. It is the same with the Holy Eucharist. Does the Lord refuse himself to the little child? No of course not because The Lord, like a good mother will give his sons the food of eternal life which is necessary for his spiritual growth in this world.

So what about St.Paul? If Jesus says don’t stop the children from coming to me and St.Paul argues that we shouldn’t admit those who do not recognize the Body of Christ then can scripture contradict itself? Truth cannot contradict truth so why then are Children an exception to this rule? Because the very fact they’re naturally ignorant makes them exempt but not excluded from the Mystical Supper of the Lord.

It’s one of the innovations of Roman Catholics that I will never be able to comprehend and make sense of.




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