What To Do When Someone Tells You ”Jesus Speaks To Me”

There are many people out there claiming they have this experience or that experience. Others like to talk about how Jesus speaks to them and so on.

How should we approach this? Well some have mental instabilities that are obvious to the trained eye but that does not mean we shouldn’t show them compassion and give them an ear. For example I use to walk door to door as a sales man. I came across this woman and when I knocked on her door I did think to myself ”Oh no, not this one, she likes to talk and I’ll be here forever”.

She invited me in and so I went in. She began to talk about how she heard the Lord talk to her and that she saw the Divine Mercy colors when she was praying. Then all of a sudden she says ”Stephen, they’re trying to get us, don’t look now but you see that little black thing on top of the lamppost outside on the street? I decided to play along and take a look at what a mere cover for the lamppost.

She continued in a whisper ”they’re secretly watching us, quick, don’t look now.” She wasn’t quite finished yet, ”Stephen, the little red light that shows on the television when you turn it off they’re using this to watch you”. It’s at this moment I’m looking at my watch thinking ”I haven’t time for this crap, I got some doors to be knocking and sales to be making so whilst I excused myself, she followed me and kept talking. Her talking continued as I walked down the footpath and out the gate.

Troubled but a woman who is obviously sick and the last thing she needs is someone being insulting with her. Which is why I was surprised to hear an exorcist Fr.Ripperger talk about how he had a woman come to him and say ”Father, Jesus speaks to me” and his response? ”Ohhhh good for you” and his whole congregation who he’s telling the story to laughs.

I found this priest on YouTube. I know that exorcist no matter their own spiritual disposition and training are not perfect themselves but that was a cruel response.

That is not the way to handle it. The way to handle it is to simply listen to the person whose confiding in you this thing. Just listen and thank the person for relating this information to you. Then ask ”so what does he say?” ”Oh he says that Hillary Clinton will be the next president”. Ok so now we know it can’t be Jesus hahaha. but don’t laugh at them. Invite them to reconsider whether or not this is from God and perhaps the devil?

Mostly messages from the devil will be devoid of Love and always focus on the political. It’s really a mixed bag to be honest as you never know if they’re supernaturally listening to the devils voice or it’s just from their own spirit which is perhaps sick and so they suffer with a psychological condition.

But just listen to them as listening is your greatest weapon. Never turn them away or dismiss them. Testing the spirits with these souls in a gentle manner would be the more appropriate response. Sadly some of the untrained eyes get suckered in to believing these beloved souls of God and they end up in a bad spiritual state themselves as a result.

Don’t be like Fr.Ripperger who thinks it’s so cool to ridicule them. Oh look at me I’m so cool I just go by my faith man I don’t need to private revelations. Dangerous route to go down because although there are many false revelations as numerous as the stars, you may one day come across the rose among thorns and like the people in the Gospel you may find yourself cast outside saying ”What? but when where you hungry ? I didn’t know, I thought I was doing great, your work.” Fr.Ripperger I’ve no idea if he is SSPX or a normal priest but whilst he may have done many successful exorcism this power given to him does not warrant him automatic approval from God of his behaviour and every move.

Approach them with Love. If you’ve any limited training in the discernment of Spirits use it to help them, if not keep your mouth shut and direct them to a Holy priest willing to lend them an ear.

Some try to discern and falsely assume that because the person claiming God came to them didn’t even bother to test the spirits, that somehow this automatically means it isn’t from God. Thats not true, take a look at the woman at the well in scripture. Did she run off into her village looking for a priest to help her discern if what she saw and heard was real? No she ran in and told everyone about what GOD had done for her and many believed her testimony.

Even the apostles themselves never consulted anyone they simply followed Jesus and that was that. So be careful because you never know.

The Early church used to be able to discern quickly. Today the church uses a long measuring stick which I know Jesus doesn’t like but is necessary however this measuring stick is proving to be a hindrance as because of Fatima we had wars and it was approved too late. But its ok, all these things sadly are meant to be. Like Jesus allowed the heart of pharaoh to be stubborn so too he allows the church to be stubborn. he does it so that one day the ones who persecuted his modern prophets and seers will be swallowed in the sea of their own choosing and he will appear victorious.

Therefore be careful about how you navigate the person who approaches you with an alleged apparition or revelation. Don’t be cruel. Help them.

God bless


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