I Can’t Sing Anymore

I’ve recently discovered in the last year that I can no longer sing like I used to. My tonsils become swollen and enlarged when I do.

This morning I awoke and tried to sing the Trisagion Hymn and my tonsils were so sore. Some have suggested I go see an ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) doctor about it but I just don’t have the money to be spending on one.

It seems sad that I can’t sing the way I used to. Getting through one song is so painful and I’m in pain for the rest of the night after it.

My wife said she’s read up on it and that sometimes sore tonsils can be a result of supressed creativity. Maybe she could be right as I’ve hung up on my music and singing career a long time ago, since I returned to being Christian 9 years ago.

Then I returned to cut a few songs in the studio under pressure from my wife and hung up the guitar again as it just wasn’t for me.

Here is one of my songs by the way:


The pic used here for the video is me when I was 19 years old. I wrote this song when I was 19 but recorded it professionally in 2011. I recorded it locally but it really just wasn’t my sound and so I recorded again using studio pros musicians in Los Angeles via sending my acoustic and vocals over to their studio for the musicians to play on.

Lo and behold it came out sounding like the eccentric sort of record I was going for. I recorded another one with them after that and then I called it a day. The other one I recorded with them was ”Busy with my own dreams” and you can listen to that on my soundcloud page.


There was another song of mine I recorded with my band in Perth, Scotland called Arrabella. Very different sound to the first two but here it is:

Its hard to believe that my throat is gone. I can still give it loads with my voice but literally one minute in and I’m dying with pain.

Enjoy the music.

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