The Day My Son Became Part Of The Circus


This is the Clown that picked Joseph out of his seat. Isn’t his hair so funny?


This afternoon for a couple of hours I got front row tickets to the Circus for my kids. We sat there eagerly waiting the Circus meanwhile my four year old Joseph indulged in a Pony ride.

When the show began and the clown ”Harvo” came bursting onto the scene his fringe glued to the sky, bursting with colourful dungarees, giant buttons and long deep pockets, the whole arena of children erupted with Laughter.

The laughter was like a volcanic eruption that began from the back of the audience, trickling its way down to the front row.

The Clown decided he’d need a little helper and so Joseph was brave enough the put his hand up and the clown immediately picked him to come out into the arena in front of all the children. Out came Joseph who strutted himself along with the clown devoid of all fear and yet at the same time an obvious residual of innocence remaining.

He was order to to take both his fingers and turn them towards each other at which point the clown inserted some toilet roll. Pulling the toilet roll out he wrapped some in a ball. Doing what crafty clowns do he threw it behind him and asked Joseph which hand the piece of paper was hidden inside. He did this three times but Joseph never caught on that the paper was in neither hand.

The clown who grew weary of Josephs lack of awareness to the seemingly obvious, picked up a large chair and repeated the same closing both hands asking Joseph which hand the chair was in.

The innocence within Joseph became all the more apparent and, in the heat of the moment, he could not grasp the concept that a big chair could not possibly be hidden inside of one of the clowns hands and yet he decided to trust the clown and picked a hand anyway only to discover yet again no chair.

The grand finale was the magical presentation of a lollipop to the cheer and laughter of a crowd entertained by Joseph. It was the day my son became part of the Circus and it’s one that although he may sadly forget it, I will always be there to remind him of.

Throughout the entire show I was suddenly reminded of how nothing beats a real live entertaining show so I turned to my wife. I said ”If I had a choice between bringing them to the Cinema to watch something like the Toy Story and something like the Circus, I would choose the Circus every time.

Children often lose focus at the Cinema but at the Circus, like a moth to a light bulb they were drawn to the dazzling beauty of the acrobats, clowns, dare devils, horses and gun slinging cowboys.

It’s a bit like the Divine Liturgy. Watching the Divine Liturgy on TV or you tube is really beautiful and the next best thing especially when hospitalized. TV however is nothing in comparison however to actually being there. The energy is really different. The sweet smell of candle wax mixed with the aroma and clouds of incense are all but absent.

Indeed, we are there to worship rather than be entertained but I also like to think of the Divine Liturgy as Gods gift to man also. I do take preference with entertaining the thought that God and the angels like to entertain us also which is why the Liturgy is there. It’s there primarily for God but to lift us to him and there are many ways we like to worship him.

If I were to ask you to describe to me the Circus you could bring me close to the vibrant energy that took place but nowhere near as close as what it would really be like if I were to go and see for myself.

It is the same with God. All the mystics would love to show us what it is like to experience God as they currently do or had at one point but they always admit it never comes anywhere close. The description is always inferior to the experience.

Today the circus proved that whilst Hollywood may be making their money, that the true live entertainment will always trump every movie script ever written.

Today my son nearly ran away with the Circus and who could blame him?






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