Confessing Your Sins In Detail

I have to say, I used to confess my sins in detail until one of the My Spiritual Fathers from the 8th century taught me never to do so. I call all the fathers my spiritual fathers as throughout my entire conversion I don’t have anyone to counsel and advise me except them, the times being so hard I’ve always felt they have been with me.

It makes sense because when you go into detail – on sexual sins in particular – it can be a temptation for the priest.

Therefore it is enough for us to examine the 10 commandments and anything we do against each one we say we broke this commandment. If you’ve committed an impure action with yourself or lusted after a woman not your own by action or fantasy, in your heart you could say ”I committed adultery.”

However there are different gravity of sins and saying I committed adultery could mean anything, so the priest will invite you to explain further because he needs to know how to counsel you on this particular sin for future reference.

This is fine and it’s not going into detail so you can say I masturbated X amount of times or said a bad curse word X amount of times.

Going into detail would be to describe literally word for word the entire scenario. The priest doesn’t need to know this, in most cases doesn’t want to know this and in nearly all cases would never ask.

Immediately you’re putting the priest in danger there and doing him no favors at all. I tend to do myself and the priest a favor by sticking to the Advice of the Fathers and not going into detail. I wouldn’t even say how many times I committed a sin unless he asked me and it’s always nice to get a priest who asks and probes a little more because a lot of them can be lazy and not care about you.

I know that whilst it’s important to Love Gods priests and show them reverence, some of them I just go to because the power has been given them to forgive my sins whilst their advice is as useful to me as tits on a bull.

Many priests have been called, but few are actually chosen. In the times that are very difficult in Ireland, finding that chosen priest is so hard. It’s been eight years since my conversion and I’ve never found one capable of spiritually directing me or that I’ve had a connection with.

I’ve came close at one stage but it’s hard I fear I may die without one as punishment for my sins.

In any case I wish you all the blessings in your future confessions. If there’s anything you’d like to say about it or add to it there’s the comments below.





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