I Am King, Priest And Prophet Of This Family

Knights templar

In recent weeks I’ve decided I’ve just about had enough of the local Roman Catholic masses. I’ve therefore set €20 euros aside every week to travel to and back from Dublin for the Divine Liturgy in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Blessed Nicholas at Holy Cross College in Dublin.

Now my son Christian receives Holy Communion every week whereas my wife takes my other son to her Roman Mass. It’s messy and I always went with my wife so we could be united as a family at one Mass but I can’t take it anymore.

I just can’t take it anymore I’m about to lose my absolute mind and I need to take care of my mental and spiritual health.

It doesn’t matter how intellectual or spiritual you are it doesn’t matter what vision or mystical experience/insight you’ve been given, one thing I’ve learned is,  as like the great father Tertullian, Evagrios and Origen, you can lose your way. But you can get back and your feet also.

I’m determined not to become lost and so I’m sticking to my promise I made to Fr.Serge that I would raise my children Ukrainian Greek Catholics.

I’ve ordered my Ukrainian Greek Catholic Catechism and I’m going to teach this to the lads. When Joseph is old enough for the Divine Liturgy with me I’ll take him also. My wife will just have to like it or lump it.

Whilst the Orthodox Catholic Elite will be sending their kids to their spiritual death in American and Irish Catholic Universities I’ll be having mine sent to Ukraine and the slavic regions universities for their studies. They will learn how to read and write Russian, Ukrainian, Their ancient Irish language and unlike the American or Irish Schools they will grow in an Orthodox environment and an Orthodox Country/culture.

I’ll be training them in my own school of how the world around them works, how the devil works and how the hidden (yet visible to those it’s granted to) Kingdom of God looks like. I’ll be giving them a head start on all the trappings and wiles of the devil not just the exterior ones ”Media, pop culture and journalism” to name but a few but the interior ones also and how to recognize and discern his voice in comparison to the Holy Spirits.

I will teach them the Hesychast thoughtless, absent of images form of prayer in their very early teens.

With Christs help and that of the Holy Theotokos, these young boys will be built like spiritual tanks of pure Love for God, his church and those it shepherds.


Armed with Faith, Hope and Charity they will have the word as their sword with the ability to counter any argument and disarm the enemy with their humility.

The Sacraments of the Church will be their shield to defend themselves against the Devil whose prowling around my family looking to tear it apart because he knows what is coming.

I am King, Priest and Prophet of the Holy Land that is their innocent little souls and nobody is getting beyond its gates. Jesus is with me, Theotokos is with me and all the Saints from Orthodox to Catholic are behind me ready to back me up in the fight.

A fresh commitment.

God bless



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