When We Don’t Get The Advice We Wanted


We have all been there where we are looking to overcome our bad habits and sins. We all look for a priest who has a great solution to our problem.

One of those problems for men is often masturbation. You go to the priest, confide in him your problem. He listens as you ask for a solution to this and he responds ”Pray every day” or ”Say a rosary every day”.

Wait, what? No jumping into icy showers/baths, running up and down the stairs or drinking strange herbal teas?

That’s not the advice you were looking for was it? Yet had these difficult tasks been assigned to you, you would have done them already.

If the priest told you that the only way to eliminate masturbation once and for all was to climb some random high mountain in Tibet in the middle of winter. Upon arrival of its craggy peak, look for the ”ma choo choo leaf” and wipe your bum with it three times then crawl back down the mountain on your hands and knees carrying the weight of your Tibetan peasant guide. Half way down the mountain in the woods by the brook many bears will shall be congregated there.

Whilst silently hidden among them look for the one with only one testicle. Give it a squeeze and he shall let out a mighty roar that will scare the other bears off but will cough up a precious stone. Once you have mixed it in with your dinner that evening you will never ever feel the need to scratch that itch and masturbate again. You’d have done it wouldn’t you? You would immediately make plans to save money and make that trip.

Yet here he is… giving such a simple task of praying the rosary …and you complain. The answer to our problem is not complex so why so many complaints?

Do you know who behaved the same way? ”Naaman” ¬†in the second book of Kings (5:1-14)who was ”the army commander to the king of Aram” did. He had leprosy and so eventually Elisha sent him word that he would have God heal him. He requested only that he bathe in the river Jordan seven times.

Naaman was not happy about this. He thought Elisha would just come and wave his hand over him and heal him instantly. He wanted to cleanse himself in some other river than the one Elisha recommended. His servants approached him and said ”My father, if the prophet had asked you to do something difficult, would you not have done it?”

It’s comical how us humans after thousands and thousands of years have not changed. When someone offers a simple solution we just refuse to accept it because we are always looking for what we want. It’s always me me me me me.

I hope you found this post entertaining, edifying and will just accept this simple advice ”to pray” that you’re given in the future.

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