Orthodox Catholics

When my wife took me to a Catholic Homeschooling Conference in Santry, Dublin, I was dragged kicking and screaming.

The reason why is because I’m not a fan of intellectual Catholics. I often find that the type of Catholics who congregate at such things are often a little on the wealthy side, are middle/upper class and whom I’ve nothing in common with.

I wasn’t wrong as when I got there it was hard to find anything but that. Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely love them and if given a choice to live next door to an atheist and this lot I know who I’d pick.

Everything they said that day from the table at the top of the room was very hard to disagree with. We had common ground in that regard but when the woman said ”We are going to build an Orthodox Catholic community again and keep Catholicism going” I thought to myself ”hmmm yeah but …what are you Orthodox for?”

There’s Orthodoxy in knowledge of the faith but most of these people I’ve tested a bit and as soon as so much a little argument or insult comes their way they immediately berate you and ”unfriend” you if we want to go and speak about them via social media.

You know the type. They’ve a bishop for their profile pic, wear expensive chinos, sweatshirts and talk with a few marbles in their mouth. A little testing reveals they actually have a lack of Orthodoxy as they cave under pressure and lash out at you.

For example years ago one young chubby white kid was my little virtual buddy for a while. He never shut up about his Franciscan University of Ohio college and how Orthodox he was. I decided it was time to annoy this dude and reveal to him just how unorthodox he actually is.

So when he shared some mad liberal thing, I took the side of the liberals and he went nuts. It got to the stage where I went in with a sledgehammer and said ”Well that’s ok for you to say, mommy paid for your education, you’re part of the privileged few aren’t you?”

I say it all on purpose to throw people. I’m always trying to reveal these people to themselves. By insulting them and being harsh with them I’m giving them the opportunity to respond with Love. I’m desperate to see what kind of Spirit they have with them.

So lost they are that they simply crumble under such little pressure and they angrily BLOCK you.

This is why I don’t like the Catholic Church, the American one in particular. It’s too heavily intellectual. There’s all the ”Lord Lord” but nobody does as their told and most of the millennial Catholic kids are mean and as they say the Cats in the kitten because their parents aren’t much better.

They love to talk ABOUT God rather than to him half the time. These people irritate me. I mean I seriously become irate among them. I even become irate thinking about them and having to actually meet with them.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-education and see it as vital part of our growth but some people worship it more than God himself. Their intellect is jam packed with so much knowledge but they’re empty inside and love is missing.

You’re not building a Catholic community just more and more privileged spoiled brats that’s all and when the real world hits them they crumble and fold up.

Since coming back to the Church I’ve realized there’s a whole….kind…of….culture out there ya know? Its a weird snooty one I really don’t care for and the more I hang around them the more desires to leave the church and just become secular again arise within me.

I just can’t take them sometimes and so when they invite me to their groups or retreats I always politely decline to protect myself and kids from this intellectual Catholic gathering.




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2 thoughts on “Orthodox Catholics

  1. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts reading your blog (which isn’t a bad thing). I’m with you on the idea that we don’t want to be too head over heart. I’ve been going through the Imitation of Christ and he’s constantly saying that. First chapter, “What good is it if you know all about the Trinity but are displeasing to the Trinity?” At the same time, I think the latest statistic I heard was that in the U.S., only 4% of people who claim to be Catholic actually go to Mass once a week. So basically, however intellectual and zealous and immature those 4% may be (including myself), that’s all we have.
    A question as well: what would it mean for those snobby, intellectual Catholics to be the kind of Catholics you wish they were? It’s an honest question. There’s no snark in there. Is it that you wish they would be more evangelistic? Do you wish they would simply be more mature when it comes to dealing with people who disagree with them? or both?

    • I wish I could be a great Catholic too. There’s no better than the other I just feel these type close themselves off and form a click. I find some of them to be a little radical minded. When I look at Medjugorje or True Life In God or any of even the verified apparitions it was always the poor who accepted it. 9/10 when I’m speaking to these intellectual self styled philosophers they abhor it and don’t care for them. It makes me wonder about what God said on the wise and the learned everything is hidden from them they’re even more blind because they claim to see whereas the poor Christ always seems to favour. All the apparitions in the last 100 years were to the poor . You get conflicting thoughts reading my blog that’s good because I get conflicting thoughts looking at the Catholic Church and I like to think that God does too. You see because of my experience when I was younger my dislike for this type of people was very intense and now the the only thing that’s changed is my dislike for them has transitioned to my dislike for their behavior and culture. Growing older they haven’t changed. One thing I immediately noticed upon arrival to this church in my area was it was full of older yuppies. Please dear God I thought to myself, I know you love them too but they are the bane of my existence. Why put me here among them ? After a number of years I’ve learned to avoid all bible groups and retreats where possible. Basically anywhere where they congregate. I am weak around them. I love them but I prefer to keep my distance.

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