Be Careful Of Reading Philokalia and Thomas A Kempis Material

I would caution anyone reading these books such as Philokalia, St.Thomas A Kempis (He’s a saint in my eyes).

We all want spiritual direction and in the times that are so difficult these books can be extremely helpful but also harmful to anyone picking them up without some kind of spiritual direction when reading them.

There are many advices that are for monks and priests in these books not for the laity living in the world. It’s important to be able to know which texts are for who and which are for laity etc.

Imitations of Christ was my first book and I loved it. I read it every day before the Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament but we need to also be a little careful in how we apply it to our daily lives.

Same with philokalia although this came much later than St.Thomas. For example if you’re married you need to know that locking yourself in your room all day and praying is out of the question. You have kids to bring up and a wife to please. Obeying all that kind of advice will spiritually ruin you.

Therefore look to recognize what you can use and apply in your current state and vocation.


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