The Immovable Mountain 

Jesus speaks in scripture that if we say to a tree be uprooted and planted in the sea it would obey us and that we could move a mountain  from here to there no problem. No problem to anyone who has faith.  

Faith as we know it is a grace and so you can’t learn it but those who seek it will be given it. We have to ask for faith regularly. Like a man in his first year of the job we have to show that hard work we are willing to put in to get that reward. 

Simply saying you believe in God isn’t good enough.  The difference between saying you believe and actually really believing are so different they can’t be compared.   

I’ve honestly yet to see anyone lift up a tree or move a mountain. Is Our Lord being literal or is there some deeper meaning?

I’m trying to think to myself if I could move a mountain what would be the point? Most of the miracles I see Jesus perform have as their basis a point to be made so when I see this moving mountains stuff I wonder how this would spiritually benefit anyone?

As I sat sipping my 12 year old single malt glenfiddich whiskey I thought to myself, the tree and mountain are spiritual. They must be. 

The Tree is our vanity and has deep roots of pride. Having faith in God up roots this only for it to be planted in the sea. The deep dark sea is the mystery and mercy of God which dissolves all sin. 

The mountain is our egoism which obscures our vision of Christ. It blocks the passage to the beatific vision and for as long as it remains we never get to see over the wall to take a peek into what paradise looks like. 

Now this miracle of uplifting trees and moving mountains I thought makes sense. Yes because every act done in God’s name is of benefit to us and the world. Moving trees and mountains just for the Craic doesn’t make any sense. 

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