How Often Should I Go To Confession?


A friend of mine in the religious community (and I don’t have many religious friends in case you’re wondering) and myself suddenly spoke about confession.

Now I thought I was doing bad by going once a week but turns out he was surprised by such frequency. Things got even more surprising for him then when I told him I to used to frequent it almost every second day.

He went once a month or other. The Church recommends we go to confession at least once a year. That does not mean however that you can receive Holy Communion when you like. I’d be surprised to go one year without committing some sort of grave sin that would deprive me of Holy Communion.

A lot of Irish go to Medjugorje in Bosnia/Herezegovina and I’ve been twice myself. It’s a popular message of Our Lady there where she asks that we at least go to confession once a month.

I thought that was quite generous of Our Lady given that it’s very difficult to get us to go in for confession.

I suppose I frequent confession so often not because I’m a goody two shoes, rather I seemed to have just formed a habit of it.

I told my friend yes once a week. When you think about it, you shower once a week. You go for a walk once a week. You eat at least one healthy meal a week. You go out and have a good time at the disco once a week so why not go to confession once a week?

Once a week we shower and bathe ourselves to keep clean because we know that if we don’t have a shower we will smell. When we are stinky then the people around us will notice this stink and be disgusted.

It is the same with Christ. We may not see our souls or smell the stench of sin fuming from us but such a stink reaches right up to heaven into the nostrils of God.

Therefore keeping our souls clean is necessary. We would not enter the company of someone if we smelled awful, so what makes you think God wants you in his when you smell as bad as you do from the stink of sin?

Go on now, give yourself a good wash with the Grace of Christ and form a habit of doing it once a week. You’ll thank me for it later.



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