Many Teachers Are Socio/Psychopaths



In my job there is a particular product we sell to schools and today we had a stall in a sort of teachers day fair where we were selling it.

It’s in popular demand and always needed although many teachers passing our stall were obviously disinterested because they don’t care for our product because it’s the principal who makes the decision.

That said we managed to strike up some conversations with the teachers. I know in advance teachers, secretaries, principals and even Catholic churches have psychopaths working in that profession.

I know because A) I’ve studied psychopathy and all the professions that attract a psycho/sociopath and B) because I canvassed their doorsteps every day for the last 8 months.

There are certainly exceptions to the rule and I’ve met some down to earth people in these jobs but for the most part they attract the socio/psychopath.

For example at our stall today, I struck up conversation with a quite a few of them. I asked what school they were from and I asked what the principals name who deals with the buying process of the products name was? I got a very firm and cold ”I’ll let them know you’re interested”. I asked a second time and the response was ”Look I’ll take your card and let them know, they will ring you if interested”.

My boss recognized this trend and said ”what is wrong with people today?” I laughed and explained teachers are socio/psychopaths. There’s no explanation for their coldness, they just are that way and are often very snappy and controlling.

My sister is a teacher and is a psychopath. My mother in law was a teacher and is a psychopath. loads of people with this illness choose this profession. What other sorts of professions do psychopaths choose? They choose ones like entrepreneurs, lawyer, dentist, surgeon, police man.

Psychopaths have a tendency to do well in these professions and be successful because they don’t allow themselves to be controlled by emotions and have zero empathy. Many of us make decisions you see based on whether we are happy or sad.

The psychopath doesn’t do that and he just makes a decision based not on how much he likes you but whether or not you’re giving him the better deal. You’re personal sob story to them means nothing and unless you’re useful to them in some way they cut all ties with you.

When an SAS soldier was asked in an interview what it was like to kill someone he said he felt nothing. He just saw it as ”another job well done”.

So when the teacher who snapped at us and refused to reveal the name of the principal what was happening is she felt she was not in control. A controlling person like this woman is not used to being asked questions, she is used to asking the questions.

She didn’t feel like she was in control and so this would explain her and others like her refusal to answer a seemingly innocent question. Sociopaths don’t like giving and so when you ask even just a question as I did it’s seen as taking from them. You’re of no use to them and they’re certainly not the charitable type.

Their anger is an impulsive habitual response that is all really. They say we cannot live without psychopaths and that the world needs them. What do you think? I would opine that psychopaths have destroyed the world and that someone with no empathy and love would be a very cold and lonely world they live in. It would also not be the type of person you’d want behind the big Red nuclear button.








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2 thoughts on “Many Teachers Are Socio/Psychopaths

  1. I think you are reading too much into this woman’s actions. The woman who didn’t want to be bothered by you could have simply been busy, or hadn’t had her coffee yet, or had spent the previous day working with crying screaming School children. while I’m sure your product is great, and that you only mean to help people, The first thing I think of when someone is knocking on my door trying to sell me something is that they don’t actually want to know me. They just want to butter me up to buy their product. And I don’t think I’m a psychopath for the times I am either too busy or just not in the mood to play along.

    • No. You don’t understand. Having gone to school since I was a kid and read into socio/psychopathic behaviour teachers and anyone I meet in these professions outside of my job have always displayed the same behaviour. It’s who they are and has nothing to do with them being in the wrong mood.

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