Irish Catholic Home School Social Workers

My wife is obsessed with Homeschooling which I think is a healthy obsession if any because I despise those secular schools with the Catholic badge on them.

She had some questions from the local communist social workers who call around and access you here in Ireland which is against the law and constitution but they do it anyway. They’re such busy bodies that love to know whats going on in those crazy Christian homes.

Protestant friends of ours were called to by them and now they can’t get rid of them because sadly they prey on families that are foreign and weak because they’ve no support to help them.

So this assessment is riddled with questions to see how much of a nutcase you are really and they’re presented in a way that you will answer like a fruit cake that they may then have an excuse to call out to you again and destroy your little garden of Eden. Snakes is what they are.

One of the questions was ”Why do you want to home school and why do you think it’s better than any other form of education?”

My wife gave them a biography of charlotte Mason. I explained to her they’re not looking for a bio of another homeschooled, they’re looking for your personal response.

My wife says ”well…what should I say?”

I made a joke and she actually put pen to paper and began to write what I was saying when I said tell them: ”Because we don’t want your monstrous philosophies anywhere near them where they will die both a mental and spiritual death. Your so-called Catholic schools are thriving with little atheist children deprived of good manners and we’d rather our kids not have to mix with the godless at least not until they’re old enough to know that one does not follow a herd of pigs running off a cliff.”

I laughed out loud when I realized she was actually writing this down and there was a point where she also began to understand I was joking and stopped writing.

I got serious though. I told her you just need to say what I just said but in a very clever way that lets them know you’re saying it but in such a fashion that it looks obvious yet polite and classy.

You say ”Having read and studied the benefits of both public schooling and homeschooling, we concluded that homeschooling was the better option of the two for our children’s academic, theological and social growth. ”





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