The Word ”Know” In The Bible.

I was in the office today when the boss runs in, ”Stephen I want you to go around to this school, our product has been in it for years and we have known them a long time but their principal is gone and there is a new one.

The young principal who has taken over doesn’t know us and I’m afraid that because of this he will be easily switched by the Competition. I want you to pay him a visit and show some face even try and sell him a new machine.

Whilst I drove to this school in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Ireland I thought about what my boss had said and how it reflected the Bible.

In the Bible, the book of Exodus we are told that a new pharaoh arises who doesn’t know Joseph.

”In the mean time there arose a new king over Egypt, that knew not Joseph:” (exodus:1:8)

When the bible writes this it doesn’t mean that the new king did not know Joseph as in he had never heard of him before. It’s not like we use it today in which we often use it to reference never seeing or meeting someone before.

No, this not knowing was ”political” in nature. It meant that this new king didn’t politically recognize him nor like him. He had no ”covenant” with Joseph or his people and so decided he’d get rid of them.

The Bible also talks about Adam knowing eve and this knowing leading to the birth of Children and so on and so forth.

When my boss said it, it made so much sense that this principal doesn’t have a relationship with us, he knows of us but does not have an established relationship. Therefore he will get rid of us the moment the competition arrive with their product because he has no emotional ties with us.

It amazes me that even after 10,000 years or more us humans have not changed in our mentality.




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