What Is Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit?

You would not think it because we are free to disbelieve in Private revelation/Prophecy but when testing the spirits this is part of the measuring stick I use.

I will listen and respect someones opinion on Medjugorje or True Life In God and respect it when they don’t believe. When they say I’m not sure I believe but I await the Churches continued examination of it to be on the safe side, I’m not disconcerted by this at all. In fact it’s a good response.

Where ones fails in this test is when I see them setting up to prematurely judge Medjugorje and setting out to ”fight” it. When they mimic the pharisees and label it ”demonic”, ”from Satan” and that all the healings that took place are via ”Satan” its all his work.

When one does this (and I will leave God to judge here), they place themselves in a very dangerous position of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. St.Paul tells us in scripture that we are never to suppress the Spirit or prophecy.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t test the spirits but to prematurely judge and even set out to fight what may and well truly be from God would mean you’re fighting God and could be in serious danger of suppressing the Spirit.

Nothing wrong with saying you disbelieve. Nothing wrong with examining something in fact that’s important but to set yourself up as the self styled theologian and to condemn and fight Medjugorje or True Life In God means your placing yourself in a difficult position like the pharisees did who blasphemed the Holy Spirit by calling his works that of the devils.

Just be careful my dear readers as quite a number of Radical right wing websites and left wing ones have been engaging in this war on Medjugorje mostly because it preaches something both of these groups don’t want to hear.

God bless.

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