What Is Great Wealth?

There is a proverb in the Bible ”Wealth adds many friends, but the friend of the poor man deserts him.” (prv:19:4)

At first glance it is literally what we perceive it to be. Having lots of money means we’ll gather many friends and when we are poor we don’t really have any friends and when we’ve run out of money they often desert us.

I like to look at this a little deeper and in a spiritual sense.

Wealth is good when the wealth is wisdom and virtue. A virtuous man will attract many friends are true and faithful because he’s wise enough to tell friend from foe.

A poor man could be someone who has all the money in the world but he lacks the wisdom and virtue to attract good friends who won’t desert him or stab him in the back. But poor men (avaricious wealthy type) their friends have already in their heart deserted them and are always looking for ways to hoodwink them or use them for their own gain.

Desertion doesn’t always mean somebody has fled from your presence but that whilst in your presence their heart has already left you. For example Judas in his heart had already betrayed and deserted Jesus.

This however more or so happens the man rich in wealthy. In this proverb he is the poor man whose friends desert him and the wealthy man is the materially poor man whose rich in wisdom and has attracted the true friend who will never leave him in times of trouble.

For the Kingdom of God is like a treasure which a man finds and then goes and hides so great is the find.

What kind of treasure do you possess?

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