The Demons Let Loose On Me Today

This morning I awoke as usual to get up for the job. Decent nights sleep and I open my phone to yet another Anti-Pope Francis rant by lifesitenews.

In my usual undisturbed fashion I engage in a quick debate on my facebook page over it. Before I leave the house I stare into my lukewarm coffee thinking ”Lord, how do people not see the clever divisive tactics of Satan? Why is it time and time again the Narrow path is ignored and we plummet into spiritual perdition of both liberal and right wing?

To put it into perspective lifesitenews threw up an article on Pope Francis homily seemingly condemning Catholics who seek doctrinal clarity as ”Fanatics”. Pope Francis talks about those in the church focus only on doctrinal clarity whilst running around calling people heretics, forgetting the teaching of Jesus. These people are fanatics and they’re spiritually sick.

I agree with him. People like Michael Voris go around beating people over the heads with doctrine and bashing them over the head behaving like the religious police. Don’t get me wrong he may be right in those he picks on but it’s a very divisive approach and to make it so public.

Then there are those who have turned doctrine into an ideaology. Pope Francis I feel is telling people you make an idol out of the doctrine and its this you worship not God. You worship yourself and correct teaching, not God. It’s like when the images in the OT began to be worshipped only then the king had them destroyed. Same with icons, we don’t worship the icon but it’s used as an aid to our relationship with Christ.

The same mistake is being made with doctrine by the right wing fanatics and Pope Francis has picked up on it. The pope recognizes the need for doctrinal clarity but what are the motivations of those who seek it? We do not have to look far to see the aggressiveness of the right wing in the church who are every bit as aggressive as the liberals they oppose.

A friend of mine said ”But Stephen he seems to always be on the attack of the conservative type and not the liberals and so his outrage is so selective.”

This isn’t true at all, recently an austrailian priest was excommunicated by him after he wrote a letter demanding women be ordained to the priesthood. All these things are long forgotten. Not only that there is no real need to attack them as they are out in the open and pretty obvious to the world.

But the fundamentalists type are more easily the ones you can be lured by. They’re fruit looks so good to eat and it all looks sound but it all leads to spiritual perdition of the soul and away from a relationship with God rather than towards him.

The Devil he is so clever, if he doesnt succeed in tempting you to the left, he will get you to the right and once he has you untying that knot can be very difficult.

I leave the house after all this big discussion and suddenly I begin to feel very very ill. I drove one hour and half and made it to a small irish village. I felt so dizzy and nautious. The spiritual side of me felt the force of the Devil himself and all the demons let loose on me. However the side of reason within me thought perhaps I need to eat something and go for a walk.

I went into the Catholic church in this little village. Great big high ceilings the acoustics where amazing so much so that before I left, as nobody was there I sung some ”Salve Regina”. I lit five candles, one for those massacred in Manchester, one for the soul of the man who exploded himself, one for Pope Francis and those who attack him, one for lifesitenews and voris and finally one for the Holy Souls in purgatory.

I went away and stumbled into a restaurant. It was expensive but food was all I needed and so I ate a big bowl of penne romesco.

I called my wife and explained I felt really ill. She said come home and take the day off. I almost did so whilst still on lunch I felt drawn to go back to the Catholic Church I was in. I go back and by this time my candles had burned down to the nub. I walked over and only one candle was still alight and it was the one I had lit for Pope Francis. I stood there like an idiot and watched it burn all the way until it’s extinguished and watched the smoke rise before the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes.

I felt a great love in my heart for the Pope. I cannot explain it but it was there. With this sickly feeling all over my body I went and stood before the tabernacle.

I looked for a psalm on my phone, a prayer against enemies and as there was nobody there, aloud I prayed it.

I prayed aloud yet slowly Psalm 69: ” O God, come to my assistance; O Lord, make haste to help me. [3] Let them be confounded and ashamed that seek my soul: [4] Let them be turned backward, and blush for shame that desire evils to me: Let them be presently turned away blushing for shame that say to me: Tis well, tis well. [5] Let all that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee; and let such as love thy salvation say always: The Lord be magnified.

But I am needy and poor; O God, help me. Thou art my helper and my deliverer: O Lord, make no delay.”

At first I was just doing my best to sincerely pray it and all of a sudden, in this small little parish church in the middle of nowhere, God gave me a most undeserving grace. I actually felt his presence and my as my eyes began to tear up I held it off and kept on praying.

Then at the end it was as if God had something to say to me and he used the scriptures to do it. I don’t know why I did it but I randomly selected a psalm and this is what I read

”Their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness; their feet are swift to shed blood. Destruction and unhappiness in their ways: and the way of peace they have not known: there is no fear of God before their eyes.” Psalm 13

Both the right and left in the church are full of bitterness and aggressive. They all cry peace when really all they want is war. I got it.

I walked out of the Church, got in my van and I felt renewed. I was made well again. God had answered my prayer and so the more skeptical side of me diminished and I realized it was the demons who were oppressing me.

The devil hates when someone uncovers the mask he wears in the church. One mask under the guise of liberalism, the other ultra conservatism. I am not boasting but he literally hates me. He hates voris, he hates lifesitenews, he hates all the liberals, he hates us all with a hate beyond our minds, a hate we cannot grasp.

His departure can only be quickened through prayer. and it’s hard for me, its hard me living in the world as fighting him is made much more difficult due to the nature of my vocation. Today taught me a lesson though, that I need to pray more. My prayer life is just not as strong as it should be.

Lord have mercy.




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