Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I recently signed up to become a member/volunteer for this organization created to provide parents with photographs of their children who have life limiting conditions and are not expected to live long outside the womb.

I was invited to a conference in Dublin in 2014 where they were looking for photographers like myself to join.

I was really interested but I thought with Audrey having cancer, a new born and the process to join was a little lengthy I just couldn’t really see myself doing it.

I also felt I wasn’t good enough for the job at all and that perhaps a little more time spent doing photography may help.

Even with that I never joined at all because I’ve never saw myself as a portrait photographer to be honest. I really thought they were looking for the complete professional.

That was until recently when I got a message from a friend showing me the post of the nilmdts Ireland page in which they were looking for more photographers to join.

At first I was dismissive but over the coming days I decided I’d do it. I applied and within 3 days after examining my photographs I got notified that I had been approved and was now a member. I really thought I’d be rejected because portrait photography is not my forte. But having examined all my portrait photographs they decided differently and that I should be a member.

As a father who has not seen his daughter in 10 years I know what it’s like just having one picture as a reminder of Erin when I last saw her.

It was a picture the photographer in the hospital took that day and I still have the card in my wallet to this day it’s never been anywhere else. Every now and again when I think about her I pull it out and take a look. It gives me hope that we will meet again.

With this in mind I’m deciding to go ahead and give other parents the same hope by providing them with some proper photographs of their sons and daughters before they leave this earth. people may view it as a bit morbid or macabre but as one photographer in the video I provided said ”Say that to the parents and I find you’ll get a different response”.

I am now listed on the nilmdts website as a photographer for the Dublin, Louth and Meath district.

It’s going to be difficult for me but then again Jesus Christ never said living the Gospel was going to be easy, in fact it’s how we handle the most difficult parts of life is what will define our character and place in heaven (or purgatory) in the end. For it’s the man who endures to the end who will be saved.

God bless





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4 thoughts on “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

  1. What an amazing gift to give. I know it was years ago, but I’m sorry for your loss, brother. I pray that God gives you the wisdom and insight to know how to approach these families and take photographs that will be meaningful for them.

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