The Lion Speech By Christopher Walken

When I listen to this I see it from a spiritual perspective. We are all the Lion and throughout life we take a lot of stick and we endure the non satisfying desires of the flesh which nibbles its way at us.

But when a man decides he’s had enough, he becomes like the Lion and he gets up and he shows not the just the world but the Kingdom of God who he really is and regains his true character, the one God had endowed him with in his innocence.

We are all Lions, and at some point in our lives we became tired with secularism and not having the truth or happiness. We endured the beatings our souls took from the ivory towers of the irreligious philosophical colleges and media. Then we began our rampage and teared up every single thing that took us away from God and stood in our way.

Because every once in a while, the Lion has to get up, go to confession, come back to God and show the Jackals ( the secular world and the demons ) who he really is. hehe.


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