The Unusual Promotion Of Rock Music In The Liturgy 

This morning I viewed a video on YouTube by soul seekers of a cistercian community in Austria who cut a record with universal of chant they perform. 

It reached the top ten in several countries and went platinum 7 times and as a result is visible proof if ever there was any that people prefer this and are looking for the spiritual in their lives. 

Yet still young people attempting to evangelize other young people are still choosing this music for their divine liturgies. Priests who are lazy will pick a woman with a guitar to sit on the altar and bash out a few tunes because it’s easier than the work involved organising a choir. 

But young people are not stupid and they’d prefer it if the Irish Catholic Church were more honest with them about who they are. The youth are clever, I was young too and I remember listening to this music thinking that the church is being dishonest with me. It just wants to use popular culture to convert me but this isn’t really what the church is at all. So I walked away from it. Notice that I didn’t protest like I do  now I just slowly fell away from the church because it didn’t provide me with it’s true beauty and a sincere reverence for it’s own teaching. 

Im not the only one, many young people are walking away and standing at the door because they to realise this but where else can they go? It’s not like the youth have a choice because to them it’s the true Church. 

My wife recently spoke with a priest about my desire to join the Orthodox church and his response was very relativistic. He said that the icons, incense and liturgy can be very appealing to different temperaments. 

Again Roman Catholicism has relativist views when it comes to the Liturgy. 

It says ” it’s all about what you like and what you like may not be what I like and what I like may not be what you like but that is ok “. 

There was a time when the church has discipline and structure as well as Love. But now there is no discipline and this has actually been the main cause of Irish Catholicism downfall. Not the sex scandals but abandonment of discipline and structure. It’s inability to maintain this secured it’s declining numbers. 

Using culture is if course very important when it comes to evangelization but there is a healthy use of it and then an unhealthy abuse of it. 

The Irish Catholic church needs to know where to draw the line and I think the Orthodox who have maintained this balance can show them a thing or two.

The rock music isn’t bad it just needs to be removed from the church buildings and reserved for retreat or recreational worship. It is time for the church to at least reclaim back the parish church in the musical area. 

I love rock music and I love pop music. My van is full of CDs from credence Clearwater revival, Coldplay, the byrds etc etc and you’ll be hard to find anything classical. But if I were to play the same music in a big cathedral or church setting it would look so out of place. It would be like wearing shorts and a floral shirt at a business meeting. 

Stop the abuse of the Liturgy. Enjoy your Jesus rock music but take it elsewhere. The sales of the Austrian monks CDs prove you’re on the wrong track and it’s time you grow the humility necessary to accept that your music isn’t helping anyone. 

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